Your Sexiest Year: 3 Ways to Make 2021 The Most Seductive of All Time

Forget sun-kissed skin, stilettos, and sultry mega plumped lips. Sexy’s all about vibes and making yourself an energetic masterpiece once and for all. When our vibration matches our high level of self-worth, we move from maidens to magicians and seduce the world with our divine feminine power- and that, my gorgeous friend, is sexy.

The divine feminine enables us to access the sensual, creative part of who we are.  This sacred energy empowers women (and men) to release low vibrational feelings like fear and shame and provokes us to get creative about healing our wounds. The feminine also asks us to live authentically and build our character so that we can emit our unique vibe as magnetic energy for what we desire most.

“The Divine Feminine is the aspect of self associated with creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration.”

-Suzanne Kingsbury via Bustle

As we heal and let go of the things that no longer serve us, we are free to command what we want by fine-tuning our frequency to match the experience we wish to have. The key to unlocking this seductive potential lies in building yourself up and accepting how worthy you are of the life you most want to live.

A woman who knows her worth can be highly provocative and invite limitless opportunities toward her if she works with her vibration and directs her energy toward the outcome she wishes to see.

Here are three strategies to help you develop the seductress within and live your sexiest year in 2021.

  • Expand your mind – The adage that says smart is sexy has never been more true. In a post-pandemic world, women will be called to nurture their communities back to health. The doting mother archetype won’t fit the bill, though. We’ll need women in groups who are willing to collaborate and celebrate each other for the roles each of us plays. Rather than feel as if our male counterparts are stronger or more deserving of key positions, we have the power to combine the dominant masculine energy of centuries past with the rebirth of the feminine to reconcile these opposing forces into one glorious creation of pure positive energy. This new vibe will ignite passion, purpose, and power for women worldwide, including you.
  • Build Ambition – You don’t have to set out to be the next Kamala Harris or power influencer on Instagram. You can be ambitious about anything, from healing your life to building a better community. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who has an earnest desire for something and a willingness to succeed in getting it. The primary reason women lack ambition is that they don’t think they are enough to achieve what they want, but every woman on this planet is enough. If you spend the time you need to expand your mind and surround yourself with like-minded women who have similar goals, you will succeed at anything you put your heart into. Bear in mind that your successes are not just a plaque on the wall or a check on a list. They are powerful energetic imprints that carve the path for other women to follow. 
  • Heal – It may not sound sexy, but healing makes space for a new way of living. As we age, our challenging experiences start to weigh us down. Rejection, remorse, regret, shame, and grief accumulate in our vibration, which can be quite heavy and not very appealing to the outside world. It’s challenging to attract the things we desire when we’re walking around carrying the weight of our past. Letting go of the things that no longer serve you and releasing the victim’s role allows you to be born again. This rebirth is the way the feminine re-enters our consciousness. The more we allow our healing to occur, the more we can integrate the divine feminine’s potent creative, and seductive energy into our being.

The most important thing to remember is that sexy really isn’t about what you look like on the outside. It’s about showing up as the energetic masterpiece that you are.

You can tune your vibration to any frequency you desire, but mastering the art of raising your vibe to match high levels of self-worth while opening to more and more feminine energy is what will make you incredibly alluring. Think of your vibe like a perfume or a scent; it attracts people to you and leaves a lasting impression. Work with it by expanding your mind, building ambition, and letting go of the things that no longer serve you, and you’ll be a seductress the world can’t ignore.

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