A COVID Holiday Survival Guide

How to go from depressed to delighted in December.

Well, it’s here. The last month of one of the most challenging years in human history, which in and of itself should be a reason to rejoice, but not everyone is singing Deck The Halls this December. Kissing under the mistle-toe got canceled, the Kugel’s not coming ‘cuz grandma’s quarantining, your keyboard is cracked because it’s the only thing you’ve been banging lately, and you feel like Krampus, the Christmas devil. If that sounds like you – it’s ok. You’re not alone. We all need a little pick me up and that’s why I’ve designed a COVID Holiday Survival Guide.

Here you’ll find a small but mighty guide on how you can go from depressed to delighted in December. It’s a culmination of tricks that I keep in my healing tool kit that are simple, practical, and powerful. Use one or all as often as you like – this is my gift to you this holiday season.

Covid Holiday Survival Guide
How to go From Depressed to Delighted in December

Covid Holiday Survival Step one: Give

It’s hard to think about giving when we’re depressed because melancholy moods make us feel like we don’t have much to offer, but our physical and mental health directly correlates to how often we give to others. The more we give, the more likely our brain is to secrete “feel good” chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are naturally occurring. These lead to what is known as “helpers high,” which can lift our mood and alleviate depression.

Giving doesn’t have to be complicated, though. It could be as simple as telling a friend what you admire about them, showing up with one flower for your spouse or loved one, passing a powerful, handwritten mantra to your morning barista, or offering to mentor someone for the remaining days of the year.

Any way you do it- giving is high on the list of healing tools that lift our hearts and minds.

Covid Holiday Survival Guide
Step one in the COVID Holiday Survival Guide is Giving.

Step Two: Sweep your space with more than just a broom.

Sometimes a simple sweep of the environment we live in can give us a lot of information about why we feel so bad. Cluttered spaces and messes stall energy flow in our homes, which can directly impact our mental well-being. Long term exposure to poorly lit areas or areas lit with fluorescent lights can lead to severe mental health disorders. And, little reminders and relics of our past set around our homes or offices can be harmful as well. 

Consider cleaning up the space you live in the most often. Browse the web for feng shui to get a better understanding of how energy flows through a room. Lighten things up around your house and think about investing in a light therapy lamp. But, most importantly, let go of the things that attach you to your past. That vase that Aunt Mary left you may be a source of grief that’s hurting you more than you’d care to think.

Step two in the COVID Holiday Survival Guide is Sweeping Your Space for Things That Bring You Down.

Step Three: Practice Magic

Years ago, I came up with a magic formula for reducing anxiety and lifting my mood. Back in the day, when I was clinically depressed and suffering from anxiety, panic, and PTSD, it was a lifesaver. Even though I no longer struggle with mental disorders, I still use it daily. It has incredible healing effects and only takes three minutes and twenty-seven seconds. You can find it here.

Step Four: Self-Center

Along my healing journey, I learned that being self-centered isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s not like being self-serving or selfish. It’s about being in the center of self. Since we are a mental body that thinks, a physical body that takes up space, an emotional body that feels, and a spiritual body that is connected to more than we realize, we need to bring our awareness to the center as often as possible to feel whole.

Common causes of depression come from all four bodies. Thinking the same thoughts repeatedly, over or underutilizing our bodies, and ignoring the wisdom of our emotions, can make us feel disconnected and fragmented. On top of the innate separation of mind, heart, and body, we tend to practice our spirituality at a specific time in a particular place – rather than realizing that we are engaged in spiritual practice by simply existing. 

So to self-center, we need to bring our awareness to the point where all of these bodies intersect. This is what I call full embodiment. When we embody ourselves fully, we feel a greater sense of wholeness, and our healing begins. To learn a bit more about this process, download my Secrets to a Sacred morning, and see step five.

Covid Holiday Survival Step Five: Start planning

The new year is only a few weeks away at this point. Why not be forward-looking and plan out your 2021 goals. Planning helps to harness our thoughts and organize our minds. Rather than focus on the holidays’ hardships, start setting your goals for an exciting new year.

Start with your relationship goals. Since relationships are how you experience life and love, think about which connections you need to make, improve, nurture, or let go. This will help you shape a sphere of influence that will directly impact all other aspects of life. 

You can ask yourself simple but intelligent questions like: who do I need to meet or know better to grow my business, heal my past, or improve my future? These people become the co-creators of your healthy and happy future so give this exercise the time it deserves. 

Anyway, you slice this holiday season; it’s going to be different than the one’s before. Now more than ever, we need to be mindful of our mental health and look out for one another, knowing that anyone could be struggling during this time. If this guide resonates with you, be sure to share it with someone you love. Happy December, lots of love… and delight. 

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Blog: How to go From Depressed to Delighted in December: A COVID Holiday Survival Guide

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