Forgiveness and Letting Go

Forgivenes and Letting Go

Accepting the Past and Rising Into Your Future.

Forgiveness is a big subject that relates to our soul’s journey. For those who prefer to watch over reading, I’ve made an accompanying YouTube video. Click and you’ll be watching in no time.

If you prefer to skip the video and just read, I totally get that so let me put it down for you in good old fashion language.

Forgiveness is definitely the hardest lesson a soul has to learn on its journey to expand but that’s why it’s also the most important.

If you really want to succeed in this new earth and the new dawn that we’re all waking up to, you’ll want to make forgiveness your #1 priority.

Many of my readers know we are now part of an ascension journey. We’re expanding our consciousness so that we can reach higher levels of awareness where we can perceive more abundance.

Abundance of health, wealth, and love

Sounds cool right? But, here’s what’s cooler: As we expand our consciousness we are moving through dimensions. Together we’re going from a very dense 3D reality into a 5th Dimensional reality where things get super cool!

But don’t freak out or feel left behind if you’re not feeling it yet. The 5th Dimension is not a place or time. It’s an awareness that you absolutely can achieve if you haven’t already.

One way to achieve it is through forgiveness and letting go. In fact, out of all the other tools you can use to reach higher dimensions, forgiveness is an absolute must. That’s why I recommend watching the video a few times to get what I’m putting down.

If you’re still not up for the video, then here’s a quick list of reasons you want to start forgiving ASAP.

  1. When you don’t forgive you attach yourself to wounds that weaken your energetic grid structure which is also your manifestation template.
  2. Your energetic grid structure/ manifestation template is your individual consciousness that is either expanding or contracting
  3. If your consciousness is contracting you can expect more challenges throughout life and a lot more pain.
  4. If your consciousness is continually expanding (which it can’t unless you forgive) then you’ll start to see and feel abundance in health, wealth, and love.
  5. One of the best ways to forgive is to contemplate “Oneness” or the idea that we are all divinely connected through one source.
  6. As you contemplate oneness, you’ll soon realize that energetic integrity is everything because it helps build immunity to future situations, circumstances, events, and people that could further compromise your grid structure and future manifestations.
  7. Forgiveness is not for your offender – it’s for YOU.

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