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Learning How to Love & Appreciate Who You Are

Self-worth and self-love seem hard but I’m going to show you how to build both – fast. If you’ve had a hard time building self-worth and self-love – know that you are not alone. Nearly every person on the face of the planet struggles with loving and appreciating who they are at some point in their lives.

It’s a major problem in our society and frankly – building self-worth and self-love should be part of our curriculum in schools. That’s how important it is for all of us to learn.

Struggling to feel worthy and lack of self-love can lead to a whole slew of issues including low energy, subpar, toxic, or painful relationships, and even difficulty with your finances. Because let’s face it: As within, so without... so if you don’t feel worthy.. the universe is going to have a tough time matching you up with the things you really want in life.

So let’s dive in and talk about the top three things you need to know about self worthiness and learning how to love who you are.

Self-Worth | Self-Love Step One: Knowledge of Self

Learning how to build self-worth, and love who you are- begins with knowledge of self or getting to know who you are. But, not by getting to know who you are in the roles that you play. We all play temporary roles in each lifetime and while they may be important – more significant – is that you are a soul on an infinite journey to expand. Every single one of us is on the exact same journey, and that is to expand our awareness so that we can remember who we really are. Who are we? We are healers and creators of our life experience. When we bring our permanent and lasting role into our awareness, we stop worrying so much about the temporary physical experience, other people’s labels, and judgments and we stop forming labeling, judging, and criticizing ourselves because we realize there is nothing more important than our expansion.

Self-Worth | Self-Love Step Two: Healing & Creating

As you remember that you are a soul on a very precious journey to expand, you’ll want to step into the roles of healer and creator of your life experience. As a healer, you want to start to look at your experiences so far and ask yourself: Are they wounded? A lot of people that will read my blog will have wounded experiences. I know I certainly have. And if you’re struggling with self-worth and still learning to love yourself, then you probably have some wounded experiences as well. But the thing about our wounds is that they’re not always bad. In fact, they are rich with wisdom that can give us precious information about our soul’s journey and the vital lessons that our soul needs to learn in order to expand.

Here’s a quick personal story

Years ago, I fell in love with a narcissist. When the relationship was finally over, I had zero self-worth. Healing from that relationship was one of my greatest accomplishments in life. I did it was by asking myself intelligent questions like – Are there any messages, lessons, and gifts that I can take away from this dreadful nightmare? Eventually, I found many which would help me expand into the woman I am today. So if you do have wounded experiences, surrender to them and ask yourself questions like- What is this telling me? Once you get the answer, the healing kicks in, and as the healing kicks in, the expansion begins. As you expand – any ideas of being unworthy or unloveable fall out of your awareness.

Self-Worth | Self-Love Step Three: Forgiveness

As the idea that you are unworthy or unlovable falls out of your awareness the most important thing is to forgive. I know how hard that is to hear. But forgiveness is not for your offender. It’s for you. If you haven’t already watched my video and forgiveness, please check it out. Forgiveness is one of the most vital parts of our soul’s journey. We have to be able to let go because we need our freedom to expand. If you’re holding grudges in your awareness or a lot of remorse, regret, and shame about certain events, situations, circumstances, and people of your past, it’s going to be very hard for you to move forward. Moving forward is necessary to expand. Learn how to forgive.- it’s for you, not for your offender.

For more on healing and creating a life you love – jump on to my mailing list by clicking here. In the meantime – know that you are worthy and you are SO loved.

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