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A not so obvious way to consciously create more joy by quieting the ego and healing layers of judgment and pain.

In a post-2020 world, we’re all going to need deeper insight and more advanced tools in order to start consciously creating more joy. The old road to joy is officially outdated which means- it’s not very likely your education, career, partnerships, savings, nor even your kids are going to be powerful enough to make you feel consistent joy. Our world has been turned over and now it’s time to carve A NEW PATH TO JOY – a path to quieting the ego and start consciously creating more joy.

A man asked Lord Buddha: I want happiness.

Lord Buddha replied: First remove the ego.

Collectively, we still operate from a wounded ego that prevents us from being in a natural, organic state of joy.

The ego is a really BIG subject that’s oftentimes misunderstood. So if you don’t know much about the ego, I recommend watching my video below. Understanding what it is- is your first step to consciously creating more joy.

If you’re not a video watcher- here’s some info about the ego that will help you understand what it is and why it is so important to quiet it down.

The ego is well-intentioned.

From the day you were born your ego seeks to understand you as an authentic individual. It’s simply trying to determine who you are in relation to the rest of the world – a truly harmless and pure objective.

The ego builds as you age and ends up forming three layers.

The first layer starts to form at a very young age- before we can walk or talk. It does this by labeling and judging things in order to see itself as separate from everything else. I know it’s hard to imagine yourself as a pure innocent babe who’s labeling and judging things, but unless we label Mom as the woman who carries the juice and judge her as good because we know she feeds us- then how would we survive?

Regretfully, however, as we grow into curious children labels and judgments grow into comparisons and criticisms that ultimately morph into painful experiences.

The second layer of the ego is aptly named The Pain-Body because it’s where we store all of the labels and judgments, comparisons, and criticisms. Overtime each label, judgment, comparison, and criticism accumulate en masse, and like a reservoir – our pain pools. The pool of pain becomes the pain-body and rests in our subconscious and unconscious awareness where it creates instructions that shape our worldview, and ultimately our experience of reality.

The third layer comprises the Houses of the Ego. Since there are many houses I won’t list them all here, but one house many of us share is the house of addiction. Addiction to substance, fitness, food, work, spiritual practice, pain, and more. Psst.. If this is striking a chord with you – you should definitely watch the video.

We pave a new path- and consciously create more joy – when we step out of the Houses of the Ego, actively heal the pain-body, and let go of the labels and judgments.

Easy? Not really. Necessary? Yeah – especially if you want to consciously create more joy- in our ever-changing world post-2020.

For more insight on quieting the ego please read my blog on forgiveness here and self-love and self-worth here. And if you’re ready to really do the work and start your healing journey – you can book coaching here.

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