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Transcending Lower Frequencies For Abundant Living

The art of manifestation isn’t always easy to understand. So in this article, I’m going to share with you a personal tool that I developed many years ago on my healing journey that catapulted me into abundant living. It’s at the very core of my coaching practice and anyone who spends time practicing it will be amazed by how powerful it is.

If you haven’t already clicked on the video, let’s talk about how things become material and manifest. How does manifestation actually begin?

All manifestations begin with light which carries a vibrational frequency. When a person embodies a lot of light they can achieve higher frequencies. Higher frequencies make the art of manifestation easier. Thus, our job is to embody as much light as we possibly can in order to MASTER the art of manifestation.

The tool I’ve created was designed to assist you in creating more light so that you can resonate at higher frequencies and intentionally create a life you love.

INTRODUCING THE INFINITY LOOP: My personal tool for healing & manifesting abundance

In the picture below you’ll see an infinity loop. One side of this loop represents your individual consciousness. The other side of the loop represents the collective or universal consciousness. In order to understand the tool fully, I highly recommend watching the accompanying video I’ve made for you which is also below.

On the side of the loop that represents your individual consciousness, you have supreme authority. This is where all your power lies and it’s important to become increasingly aware of it so that you can claim sovereignty over it.

On the side of the loop that represents the collective consciousness, you have significantly less power.

So let’s concentrate on your side of the loop that represents your individual consciousness. This side holds your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and feelings. Each one of your thoughts initiates a chain reaction that eventually produces a frequency that is either filled with light or squeezed for light.

How The Infinity Loop Works:

  • You have a thought that is made up of light and thus, frequency. The more you think the thought the more the frequency is charged. When a thought has enough charge it becomes energy in motion or an emotion.
  • As soon as your thought becomes an emotion, the emotion’s job is to look for a belief that is closely aligned with the thought.
  • Once a belief is found, the frequencies of the thought, emotion, and belief morph into a feeling.
  • The frequency of the feeling is what leaves your energy field. Once it leaves your field, it crosses the threshold of the loop and manifestation begins.
  • As the frequency of your feeling travels out into the collective consciousness it seeks frequencies with a similar amount of light. Once it finds similar frequencies, your frequencies and the frequencies of the collective, marry, spark creation, and like a mirror, travel back to you as a picture of your reality.

Follow The Diagram or Watch the Video to Become A Master

Follow this diagram from the top right where you see “1) thoughts.” Continue to follow points 1-9. YOU MAY ALSO JUST WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO IF YOU FIND THE DIAGRAM OVERWHELMING.


Your Beliefs

Since beliefs are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind we’re not always aware of them. In addition to not always being fully aware of our beliefs, many of them are wounded. If you haven’t read my blog on wounded beliefs, please visit that next by clicking here. Wounded beliefs are the primary blocks to manifestations. If you’re having trouble creating something you desire then start to examine and heal your wounded beliefs.

Your RESPONDING thoughts

Keep in mind this is an INFINITE loop. As soon as your reality mirror shows before you, you will have a responding thought. The responding thought initiates the chain reaction that follows the loop over and over again. If you react to your reality by being discouraged or unmotivated to intentionally produce thoughts filled with light then you’ve given away your power.

REMEMBER: YOU HAVE SUPREME AUTHORITY OVER YOUR SIDE OF THE LOOP WHICH MEANS THAT YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH LIGHT YOUR THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, BELIEFS, AND FEELINGS WILL EMBODY. To master the art of manifestation you must intentionally embody as much light as possible by learning how to respond rather than react.

5 Ways You Can Embody More Light For Higher Frequencies & Easier Manifestations:

  1. Aligned thinking: It’s important to spend time each day focusing on your manifestation. You can do this in a variety of ways including vision boards, vision work, meditation, focus wheels, or simple goal setting. Conditioning your mind to think about the successful manifestation is one of the most direct ways to feed your thoughts light. If you’re having trouble with your thoughts – please download Secrets of a Sacred Morning.
  2. Honor your emotions: Emotions are rich with information that can be extracted through the art of surrender. To understand the art of surrender please watch this video where I explain it in detail. In using the art of surrender we can discern if an emotion is right for us or wrong for us. This is one powerful way to maintain sovereignty over your side of the loop.
  3. Heal Wounded beliefs: We all share a set of core beliefs that determine whether or not we feel worthy, love-able, deserving, powerful, and if we feel as though we are enough in relation to the world around us. If these beliefs are wounded they will BLOCK manifestations. To learn more about healing wounded beliefs please click here to read the blog and watch the video.
  4. Work on your feelings: The best way to add light to your feelings is through physical movement. If you feel low frequencies meet them with a quick run, some yoga or stretching, breathwork, or even hand mudras. Any physical activity will increase the flow of life force energy throughout the physical body and add more light.
  5. Build resilience: You’ll want to be hyper-vigilant and mindful about your responding thoughts. It’s important to orchestrate meditated responses when your reality shows before you so that you can maintain light in your thinking. If you react, it’s very likely that you’ll siphon your own light from the one side of the loop and give away your power and authority.

Last Thing To Keep In Mind:

We call it The ART of Manifestation because like all art it takes time to master. Go easy on yourself and keep your loop at top of mind. The more you practice the easier it gets. If you need assistance or require coaching, please click here to book a session with me.

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