The Art Of Surrender for Healing And Creating A Life You Love

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The art of surrender isn’t so much about giving up. It’s more about giving in gracefully. Surrender is my favorite topic to speak and write about because it has led me out of some very dark times into the light where I live now. Be sure to check out the accompanying video below to gain a vast perspective on this incredible healing tool.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the art of surrender to heal and create a life you love step by step. Then I’m going to share with you the top 3 benefits of using surrender. Keep in mind that we call it an art because it takes time to master but, if you genuinely work at it, you’ll be amazed by the infinite number of benefits it offers. 

How to Surrender:

Step One 

Surrender begins when we feel an uncomfortable emotion. The idea is to honor the emotion since it is so rich with information. As you feel the emotion rising within you, stop what you’re doing and allow it to flow through you.

Step Two

Assume the high self-position by observing the emotion without judgment or criticism from the ego. You’ll know the ego is present if you want to blame someone for the way you feel or if you feel like a victim. Regardless of who or what hurt you, it’s essential you simply witness your feelings.

Step Three

Start asking intelligent questions from the high self. You can begin with, why do I feel this way? Be mindful of who is answering the questions. The ego will blame; the high self will not. Continue to allow questions to develop in your awareness. The high self innately knows which questions you need to answer. If you haven’t done any healing work on your own, the high self’s voice might be difficult to hear at first. That’s ok, keep listening. If you continue practicing the art of surrender for healing and creating a life you love, eventually, the voice will be loud and clear.

Commanding the ego

Step Four

Use the power of discernment. One of our greatest assets along the healing journey is the power of discernment or deciding whether something is right for us or wrong for us. Discernment becomes significantly more powerful when we are actively surrendering. We know something is wrong for us if it lowers our vibration or siphons light away from us. Only in a place of surrender can we be so tuned into our vibration and the light that we embody. However, just because we deem a challenging emotion wrong for us doesn’t mean we should avoid feeling it.  

Step Five

Look for the messages, lessons, and gifts. Each of our wounds that present challenging emotions contain messages, lessons, and gifts. Even though that is extremely hard to accept, especially for those who have experienced intense trauma in their lives, it’s still important to look for critical pieces of information inside the emotion. The bits of information in the emotion is the script we use to transcend the wound to heal the emotion fully. Do your best to be patient and accepting of what comes forward. You’ll be amazed by how little it takes to heal fully.

The Benefits of Surrender

Self-awareness: The more we practice the art of surrender for healing and creating a life we love, the more aware we become of our energetic vibration and the light we embody. This is critical information that we usually skip over in our day-to-day routines. 

Personal Sovereignty: If you haven’t read my blog or watched my video on the art of manifestation, please click here when you finish with this article. We manifest experiences in our lives by claiming personal sovereignty over our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and feelings. The more we surrender and the more aware we become of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and feelings, the more power we have over them. Once we have power over them, we can direct them by feeding them more light and raising their frequency.   

You’re the ultimate influencer

Integration:  Long-term healing about reconciling two opposites so that they become one and integrate into the whole. Allow me to give you a personal example because it’ll help you understand a little bit better. When I lost my brother and my husband, two of the people that made me feel the most loved in this world, I fell into the hands of a narcissist. I also lost a whole slew of friends of 20 plus years. Completely alone, I started to feel tremendous shame, remorse, regret, and grief. I felt utterly unlovable to the point where I found myself on the floor of my bedroom closet with a gun pointed against my head. Scary story, right? But my healing took place through the art of surrender. I suddenly realized why I had to experience so much trauma and drama. I had to know what it was like to feel completely unlovable, to learn how to love myself. It dawned on me to take the love I once received from my late brother and husband and the rejection I received from the narcissist and ex-friendships and turn them into a whole – by learning to love myself.

Integration takes time, but if you keep plugging away at the art of surrender, it will happen for you.

As You Master, the Art of Surrender You May Also Be Interested in Forgiveness and Letting Go Which Can be Found By Clicking Here.

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