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your beliefs might be the ball and chain holding you captive
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Might Be The Ball & Chain Holding You Captive

Your beliefs are the very thing that can catapult you forward into a life you love. They can be massive assets along your journey to achieve your dreams, but if they’re wounded, your beliefs might be the ball and chain holding you captive from the very life you wish you were living. So in this article, let’s dive deep into:

  • How beliefs are formed
  • 6 core beliefs we all share
  • How beliefs manifest as part of our life experience
  • How to uncover wounded beliefs
  • And, how to start healing wounded beliefs

Understanding and healing your beliefs can dramatically change your life. That’s why I want to encourage you to read the whole article and watch the accompanying video by clicking on it below.

How Beliefs Are Formed:

Beliefs are formed in two ways: from experience and through inheritance.


From a very young age, we determine what’s true for us and not true for us. Unless we live a purely positively focused life, some of our truths will likely form into wounded beliefs. When we hold wounded beliefs, our worldview becomes tight and restricted, and our beliefs end up rigid and inflexible.

Wounded beliefs that are rigid and inflexible will always hamper our ability to heal and achieve our dreams.


It’s very typical for us to pick up beliefs from our families and society because it feels good to belong. But keep in mind that we also pick up our ancestors’ beliefs through rich cellular memory that comes in with our DNA.

The problem with inheriting beliefs of any kind is that most beliefs formed in the past developed in a very different, energetic environment.

Moving into 5D-

If you read this blog regularly or follow me on social media, you’ve heard me mention that we’re moving from a very dense 3D reality into a 5D reality. In the 3rd dimension, things feel very dense and challenging to obtain. But in the 5th dimension, we’re able to experience abundance through the expansion of our consciousness. The difference between the 3rd and 5th dimensions is our ability to embody more light and raise our frequency to perceive more things. You can read more about this concept in my article titled The Art of Manifestation. 

To expand our awareness, we have to heal many things. Beliefs, however, are a top priority. As we push through the lower density of the 3rd dimension via healing, we position ourselves to break through into the 5th, where our thoughts have far more potential to manifest as our reality. 

6 Core Beliefs We all Share:

There are 6 core beliefs we all share based on:

  1. How love-able we feel
  2. How worthy we feel
  3. How deserving we feel
  4. How powerful we feel
  5. Whether or not we feel as if we are enough as we measure ourselves against the rest of the world.
  6. And, whether or not we feel connected to something greater than us or if we feel separate and alone.

Every other belief we hold is formed from our 6 core beliefs.

Beliefs Manifest in Two Ways:

From a Place of Acceptance:

If you can admit to yourself that you don’t feel worthy, you’re very likely to show up in the world as unworthy. You might not scream it from the rooftops, but if you genuinely believe that your education, background, skin color, or something else defines you as unworthy, you are inevitably going to command LESS THAN someone who believes they are worthy.

From a Place of Denial:

You might not realize you’re in denial, but deep inside, you may feel unworthy and overcompensate by working very long hours or always wanting to be heard/needing to be right.

Ever met a narcissist? They are a classic example of how beliefs manifest from a place of denial. Because they feel inherently unloveable, unworthy, and undeserving, they use gaslighting and other abusive tactics on the people closest to them. The worse they make other people feel, the more they can superficially convince themselves that their core wounded beliefs don’t exist.

Uncovering Wounded Beliefs:

Shadow work:

Over the years, I’ve found that the best way to uncover and heal wounded beliefs is through shadow work. The shadow is the part of us we don’t like to acknowledge because we worry that if the world saw it around us – we might be rejected.

But we all have a shadow! And, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Now more than ever, we need to heal our shadow so that we can be free to rise into the 5th dimension and experience the natural abundance we all deserve.

The Shadow Emerges When We’re Triggered –

Any time we’re triggered by challenging emotions, the shadow is coming into our awareness. We meet the shadow through the art of surrender by allowing it to come forward and observing it just as it is without criticism or judgment. The art of surrender begs us to ask intelligent questions like: “Why do I feel this way?”

If the answer comes from the high self, we know we are on a path to discovering the wounded belief. But, if the answer comes from the ego, we’re more likely to be led further away from what we need to know to start the healing process

The Ego always answers from a place of blame and victimization, whereas the high self continues to ask questions until it excavates the wounded belief.


We Heal Wounded Beliefs, In The Same Way We Heal Everything- By Embodying More Light

When you feel your beliefs might be the ball and chain holding you captive, it’s time to embody more light. To understand how to embody more light from within – please read my blog on The Art of Manifestation. The more you excavate your beliefs and raise the frequency of your thoughts and feelings, the more likely you are to heal and open to your expansion.

Expansion is the very thing we all need to raise our awareness toward the successful attainment of our dreams. Raising our awareness is also part of our ascension into the 5th dimension. But, it’s not quite as complicated as it sounds.

It’s relatively easy to embody more light, expand our awareness and actively participate in the ascension journey. If you’re struggling with a wounded and feel belief, head out into nature. Notice its nonresistance and natural flow. As you observe, consider if your beliefs might be the ball and chain holding you captive. If the answer is yes, ask yourself: How can I mimic nature in my daily life? How much resistance are my beliefs causing me at this time? Can I train myself out of a wounded belief preventing me from naturally flowing toward what I desire most in life? 

You can also slip away from technology and honor your organic frequency. Give yourself time to contemplate your beliefs and recreate beliefs that serve you and the manifestations you want to create. If you have trouble getting away from tech, try my Secrets of A Sacred Morning. These will train you to honor your organic frequency. 

Your beliefs might be the ball and chain

And Finally, Examine Your Relationships

One of the reasons we hold wounded beliefs because the people around us share the same wounds. The people we keep closest to us also tend to reaffirm our wounds through their words, actions and behaviors. Be mindful of who you are spending the most time with and make SURE they are not siphoning away your light, lowering your frequency, and inhibiting your expansion. The best way to do this is to intentionally create happy, healthy, co-creative relationships that uplift and inspire.

As You Heal Your Wounded Beliefs You May Also Want to Visit My Blog Post and Video on The Art of Surrender by Clicking Here.

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