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Energetic Boundaries

Energetic boundaries are necessary – but unseen borders- that help us to:

✨ retain our power

✨ stay healthy

✨ And, they give us an ability to engage in healthy, loving, and meaningful relationships that make us

stronger & more joyful.

Energetic boundaries are one of the most important topics you’ll ever venture upon as it comes to healing and creating a life you love. In this article, I’ll share with you:

  • 4 types of energetic boundaries.
  • Explain what these boundaries look like when they’re healthy and what happens when they’re not healthy.
  • And, finally, I’ll give you ideas on how to establish or repair boundaries that aren’t in great shape.

There are four types of energetic boundaries:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Relational
  • Spiritual

When these boundaries are in place and in good condition they provide a layer of protection and act as a border that is capable of preventing harmful energetic frequencies from entering our human energy field. They also serve to magnetize toward us frequencies that enhance our life experience and enable us to be creators of our life experience.

Healthy physical boundaries:

A healthy physical boundary makes us feel safe, secure, and as if we have a definite place in the world. They relate to our ability to care for ourselves and others in a material way. Without them, or if they exist but are damaged we might have financial problems, suffer from addictions, or find ourselves in situations where our well-being is compromised.

Healthy emotional boundaries:

A healthy emotional boundary allows us to honor our feelings just as they are without judging them. This means that we can interpret our emotions and feelings as messengers. When an emotional boundary is in tip-top shape, it’s easier for us to respond to the world at large rather than feeling the need to react and defend ourselves all the time. These types of energetic boundaries are not only powerful but extremely important as they help us build resilience and heightened awareness of how our lives shape based on what we think, believe and feel.

Healthy relational boundaries:

A healthy relational boundary helps us to honor ourselves and the people with whom we interact. It gives us the courage to express ourselves authentically. These types of boundaries allow us to bond with others without becoming codependent or enmeshed in another person’s energy field.

Healthy spiritual boundaries:

And, finally, a healthy spiritual boundary is one that allows us to shine and invites in exactly what we need for our soul’s journey to expand. If compromised we may never learn about our spiritual powers and gifts that are vital to our healing and our ability to create a life we love. 

What happens when we don’t have healthy boundaries?

Without healthy boundaries – we can be bombarded by energies we really don’t want in our field and we can keep undesirable energy trapped in our field. For instance, if our emotional boundaries were compromised as a young child, they could be unhealthy as we grow into adults.

Let’s say that you witnessed your parents’ unhealthy marriage. Perhaps they fought, didn’t communicate, or generally were disinterested in one another. This may have caused you trauma and left any number of your boundaries in poor shape. As a result, you may now have gaping holes in some of your boundaries which would attract people who you fight with, can’t communicate with, and people who may be generally disinterested in you. Alternatively, you may have tried to protect yourself from such relationships by forming very rigid, wall-like, boundaries that might keep loving relationships out of your life permanently.

How do we establish a healthy energetic boundary?

  1. Evaluate what’s not working in your life. Are you struggling to feel worthy or understand your special place in the world? Do you have money issues? Trouble keeping your immediate environment organized and clean? These are signs of poor physical boundaries. But by simply reflecting on the areas of life that are most dissatisfying you will start to become aware of which boundaries need to be repaired.
  2. Claim sovereignty over your energy field and your life experience. If you’ve ever watched my work on the infinity loop you’ve heard me talk about personal sovereignty before. It is really about taking supreme authority over your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and feelings. Start by witnessing your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and feelings more often. You’ll find that many are not serving you and it might be time to establish a healthy physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual boundary to prevent the energies that support what doesn’t serve you from penetrating your field.
  3. Set the intention to heal what needs to be healed. Release what needs to be released from your field and work consciously to raise and protect your energetic vibration. 

Never forget, you are loved.

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