Beautiful Secrets of the New Moon Solar Eclipse – June 10, 2021

The energies of an absolutely stunning New Moon Solar Eclipse coming June 10, 2021, are now on the rise. Understanding its secrets before it arrives fully and aligning ourselves with its purpose and power will increase our manifesting abilities now and for many months to come. The secrets of this new moon solar eclipse lie in it’s qualties described below. If we harness the magic of this new moon solar eclipse now, we’ll be well on our way to constructing the lives we’ve always dreamed of.

Gemini New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse

A Few Notable New Moon Solar Eclipse Qualities You Need to Know Now

Solar eclipses are super-powerful astrological events that can catapult us into our future. Their secrets can be uncovered by looking at the moon’s placement at the time of the eclipse. In this case, the moon is at 19 degrees 42 minutes Gemini.

Gemini corresponds with the throat chakra and both Gemini and the throat chakra are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication or what I like to call: The Divine Messenger of Truth.

Mercury: The Divine Messenger of Truth

Image credit: Labyrinthos

But before we break down the meaning of Mercury, Gemini, and the throat chakra as the qualities that possess the secrets of this New Moon Solar Eclipse – we need to understand this:

Astrology is far more than pseudoscience.

It’s a brilliant metaphor for where humanity is destined to go and an excellent tool for ascension.

Astrology can be used as a map to navigate our ascension journey. It gives us clues on how to expand our consciousness and create new and improved realities.

Uncovering The Beautiful Secrets of the New Moon Solar Eclipse:

With the presence of Mercury, this new moon solar eclipse is asking us to contemplate timeless ideas like: “As above so below, as within so without.” And, to do that, we have to make time to drop from our heads into our hearts and ask ourselves: what’s true for me right now?

This truth won’t be revealed by your reality or what you perceive with your five senses-it’s deeper than that. It’s more about a truth that has yet to become manifest- but nevertheless- a truth that can no longer be denied.

Said another way – this energy- offers us a much-needed break from the world as we know it.

The truth is going to be revealed through higher sensory perception that is innate within us all but only to those who honor this sacred event by genuinely turning inward for answers. It will come through our divine connection to our higher/god-self and it will be the information we need to rebuild our lives, our communities, and the world at large.

The power of this new moon solar eclipse reminds us that we are healers and creators of our life experiences. And, all of us are an integral, vital part of the one divine source that created us. When we live out divine will as our truth, our ability to heal and create (aka- manifest) amplifies dramatically.

Bear in mind that Gemini correlates to the throat chakra and both Gemini and the throat are ruled by Mercury, The Divine Messenger of Truth..

Divine will comes through the back side of the throat chakra –

Each chakra has a front and back where energies are received (through the back side) and then transmitted (through the front side).


The ultimate secret of this new moon solar eclipse is that we are being instructed to allow divine will to flow through us, to express that will as our own…

And to sooner than later, bring heaven to earth.

As the world continues to deconstruct around us, the higher truths that are on their way to us will help us reconstruct our realty. This is our chance to turn the world’s mayhem and messes into magic and miracles.

If each of us embodies the truth that is revealed, we’ll raise our energetic frequency. And, when we reach a critical mass of people vibrating at higher frequencies, our world is going to shift dramatically for the better. This is how we will start to bring heaven to earth.

How to test your truth

The simplest way to test your truth is to take the messages you receive and turn them into words. Speak the words aloud and if they convince even you- you’ve nailed it, Boo!

Keep in mind that you’re a vital part to remaking our world. Heal what no longer serves you, get rid of outdated bullshit beliefs and values, and keep your head and heart high my friend!

For more on new moon manifesting – visit my New Moon Manifesting Membership page here.

Happy new moon manifesting!

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