Can a Coach Help me Heal? Yep – Here are 6 Wellness Coaches That Will Change Your Life

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If you’ve ever worked with a traditional life or business coach you know how much clarity and direction they can provide you even in a few short sessions. The coaching industry has ‘templated‘ the ‘how-to’ for virtually every issue facing humankind. From losing weight to making more money, and even finding the right partner, the coaching industry has a step-by-step guide or fad that will take you on the road to success. Yet – the question becomes: Can a coach help me heal?

While traditional coaching can be effective for some, template approaches feel stale or simply wrong for those who need healing on a deep level. Now more than ever, people seek a customized solution designed around who they really are on a soul level. If that’s you, then you’re likely ready to find an unconventional coach who can take you deeper into who you are, and who you’re meant to be.

If you’re ready to find coaches who are healers, guides, and mentors who can facilitate your healing journey, rebirth, and remembering of who you really are – you’ll want to check out Head + Heart’s top picks.

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In an article published last week Head + Heart lists some of the best coaches in the wellness industry who lead transformation for their clients from the inside out. The list includes 6 practitioners, including yours truly, who work with clients for deep healing and energy clearing.

For the full article please click here.

But Is Healing Really Necessary?

99.9% of our success in business, life, and love requires that we heal and release emotional trauma. When we release, we simultaneously awaken to who we really are without our wounds. The release facilitates our expansion into who we are on a soul level and assists us in our ascension into higher levels of living.

One way to determine whether you’ve experienced emotional or psychological trauma and need healing is to look at recurring problems and themes in your life. These are indicators that something in your past is nested in your energy field blocking the flow of life force and preventing you from remembering who you really are.

Common Symptoms of Energy Blockages Include:

• substance abuse

• compulsive behavior patterns

• self-destructive and impulsive behavior

• uncontrollable reactive thoughts

• inability to make healthy professional or lifestyle choices

• dissociative symptoms (“splitting off” parts of the self)

• feelings of ineffectiveness, shame, despair, hopelessness

• feeling permanently damaged

• Loss of previously sustained beliefs

• inability to maintain close relationships or choose appropriate friends and mates

• sexual problems

• hostility

• arguments with family members, employers or co-workers

• social withdrawal

• feeling constantly threatened

If you can check off any of these, please consider working with a practitioner to release and heal. My sessions are available by clicking here.

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