Money Anxiety: Why So Many Suffer and Stress About Money So Often

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Let’s Heal This Togehter

We all want financial abundance and seek to accumulate enough wealth to keep us safe and comfortable throughout life, but could we be in our way of experiencing the massive amounts of abundance the universe has to offer?

The answer is YES – most of us are in our own way of experiencing the massive amounts of abundance the universe has to offer.

– and it’s time to change that.

Money anxiety and stress over money are symptoms of poverty consciousness: A deep wound that most people on this planet suffer from. To understand this wound, we have to understand how our monetary system was designed. Part of the reason so many of us carry money wounds is that our monetary system was designed around materialism and consumerism, which lead to fear, and lack, and limitation.

Now – before we dive in – I just want to be fully transparent. I love a good handbag, a big shop at target, and a beautiful meal at a fancy restaurant but the idea of materialism and consumerism goes much deeper than that.

Our monetary system is designed to program us into thinking we need things that we don’t necessarily need. For example, our health care system and big pharma (referring to US- but not exclusively US) are designed to make us think that our well-being is predicated on consuming therapy sessions, Doctor’s visits, and loads of medications.

But the truth is, we are natural healers and while therapy, Doctors, and meds have their time and place – we need significantly less managed care than we consume and significantly more self-care.

Examples of toxic poverty consciousness programming are endless, but beyond materialism and consumerism – we also have a monetary system that incites fear. What if you don’t have enough credit to buy a house, or enough investments to retire early like a pension, 401K, and IRA that finally let you off the hook from working – so that you can ultimately live your life with ease?

Just reading about investments for a safe future makes people sweat – and drop into fear.

-and that’s what the system wants because the fear it generates keeps you consuming the system.

But the ultimate problem with our monetary system is that it works directly against the natural laws of the universe, which are designed to manifest abundance. Just go to a forest, lake, or stream – that hasn’t been largely consumed or manufactured by humanity. You’ll be in awe of how naturally abundant our world is.

Nature and the cosmos are constantly trying to remind us that there is no lack nor limitation.

It’s just that our inorganic – not natural- monetary system results in lack and limitation.

But I want to be clear; I’m not suggesting that we all go live off the land and do moon dances naked to align to the universal flow of abundance.

While that might work for some, many of us have children in schools, homes in cities, and families that need us to provide for them.

So, what’s the key to shifting from poverty consciousness into prosperity consciousness?

While still being under the confines of a monetary system that encourages materialism and consumerism, incites fear, and works against the natural laws of the universe? 

The first thing is to recognize that our monetary system- is weak and failing. Economies worldwide are way over-leveraged, making them prone to collapse and, at best, not sustainable. This is both bad and good. The bad part is obvious – no one wants to live through a full-blown economic depression. But the good part is that it allows the individual to rethink how to make and manage their wealth.

Gone are the days – that – to be uber-successful, you need a multiple degrees or Ph.D. that ultimately cost you thousands of dollars to obtain. There are kids from the streets with social media accounts making millions without ever having finished school. People are becoming increasingly aware of how vital it is to have passive income beyond just stocks and bonds and are creatively coming up with ways to see an extra $1k, $5k, and even $10K a month.

-and these individuals are the perfect examples of people who are healing poverty consciousness in a system that promotes it.

If you’re struggling with poverty consciousness: step out of the mainstream and consider alternative ways to bring in money.

Start seeing this time in history as the perfect time for you to generate new ideas on how to bring in wealth. This type of thinking is expansive and will help you transcend your wounded mindset around money.

The second way to start reconditioning your awareness from poverty-based to prosperity-based is to consider your core set of beliefs. If you haven’t seen my video on wounded beliefs, you can find it here. Bear in mind; we all share the same five core beliefs from which all other beliefs come.

The core beliefs we share are whether or not we feel loveable, worthy, deserving, powerful and as if we are enough as we measure ourselves against the rest of the world 

-and for the vast majority of people on this earth, these core beliefs are deeply wounded.

Even for those who think they are loveable, worthy, deserving, powerful, and enough, not many actually embody the energetic frequency of love, worth, deservability, power, and that full sense of self that tells the universe I AM ABSOUTLEY MORE THAN ENOUGH.

If you struggle with any of these beliefs – please click here to learn more about self-worth accelerator – where you will learn how to heal your core wounded beliefs so that you can not only show up worthy – but also become be an energetic match to the wealth you want to create in life.

Healing poverty consciousness requires healing your core beliefs. You need to embody your beleifs fully to be an energetic match to the amount of wealth you desire.

The third way to heal poverty consciousness is to start focusing on appreciating your most valuable asset – YOU! The more you understand your needs, wants, and desires and condition yourself to meet those needs, wants, and desires through personal development and exercising your authenticity – the more valuable you will become to the world. The more valuable you are, the more in-demand you will be, and thus – the more you can command an even and fair monetary exchange for what you provide to the world.

Bonus tip for healing poverty consciousness: 

Go back to the beginning of the article where we talked about how our monetary system is designed to encourage consumerism. What happens when you consume anything too much?

Wnen you consume too much of anything- you risk additction.

In the case- addiction to DEBT

The thing that deepens the wound of poverty-based consciousness the most and the thing that will sustain the wound overtime for you, your loved ones, and future generations – is an addiction to debt. And the most unfortunate part of this addiction is that our monetary system supports and promotes our addiction to debt. Every car, house, and everything else we buy or consume that we can’t afford in full puts us into debt- And that’s not a good thing. So, if you have debt, do everything you can to build wealth and get out of debt and watch your consciousness soar from poverty into prosperity.

For further healing of poverty consciousness, I’ve got a Money Magnetism Masterclass for you- coming October 23, 2021 with replays thereafter. Click the pic below to learn more.

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