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How to Manifest Money: Tips for Attracting Wealth and Prosperity

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Do you want to know how to manifest money? It’s not as difficult as you may think! But it does take focus and a few shifts in your awareness to really master.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you need to know to start attracting more wealth and prosperity into your life. Then, I’ll give you a step-by-step framework that will put you on the path of manifestation once and for all. If you follow along and take action, you’ll be well on your way to a more prosperous future!

Understanding How Manifestation Works:

Before you can start manifesting more money, it’s important to understand how manifestation works. Manifesting is the process of aligning your energy with the energy of what you want to manifest. If you’re trying to manifest more money, you’ll need to align with the energy of abundance. If you’re trying to manifest less money, you’ll need need to align with the energy of lack.

A note on manifestation:

You’re manifesting all the time. Whether you’re manifesting more or less money, you’re still manifesting!

The Energy of Money:

The energy of money is actually neutral. In its natural state, it has neither a positive nor negative charge. Money gets charged as positive or negative when you judge it.

The judgments you place upon money come from your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings regarding money. If you think, believe, or feel that money is something bad or evil, you’ll place a negative charge on it and become resistant to it. But if you think of it as something good or helpful, you’ll place a positive charge on it and become open to receiving it.

Charging Money With Your Beliefs:

We all know that a positive mindset and using positive affirmations and feelings help to create financial success. But the most powerful charge you place on money comes from your beliefs.

If you hold limiting beliefs around money, money will be limited in your experience. If you hold expansive beliefs around money, money will expand in your experience.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs Around Money:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • I have to work hard to make ends meet.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Having money makes me less spiritual.
  • I’m not deserving of more money because I don’t hold multiple degrees.
  • The only way to make good money is to work hard.
  • Money can’t buy happiness.

👉🏻 Instead, you should aim to heal those beliefs and replace them with new, expansive beliefs that will help you attract money easier.

Charging money with limiting beliefs like these decreases your chances of attracting prosperity and abundance.

Examples of Expansive Beliefs Around Money:

  • Of course, money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t mean I can’t manifest a lot of it!
  • Working hard has its merits but when it comes to money, I believe it should feel easy and somewhat effortless.
  • Money is not the root of all evil, I see plenty of evil created by lack of money.
  • Having money gives me the ways and means to help others and fund causes I truly believe in.
  • Degrees have nothing to do with me deserving money. Everyone deserves money.
  • Working hard is not the catalyst to more money. Wise money management is the catalyst to more money.
  • Money can lead to freedom, flexibility, peaceful living, and thus, happiness.

Charging money with expansive beliefs like these increases your chances of attracting prosperity and abundance.

Your Divine Manifesting System

You probably don’t know this but you have a highly intelligent divinely designed manifesting system right inside of you that was built to help you create your experience. Even your experience with money.

Inside of this system is your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Thoughts beliefs and feelings don’t work independently of one another. In fact, they run along an infinite loop of creation to assist one another in creating an energetic signature that writes your stories. Or, the experiences you have throughout your life. They even write your 💰 story.

Your 💰 Story

Once your energetic signature writes your money story, it manifests through the power of co-creation. Co-creation occurs when your energetic signature gets matched with the same quality of energy out in the universe. Once your energetic signature matches with universal energy that is of the same quality, creation is sparked and before you know it, your money story appears before you as a manifest experience.

So your money story or the experience you have with money is entirely dependent on the quality of your energetic signature which is comprised of the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Depending on the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings your money story could manifest as a fairytale or nightmare.

How To Change your Energetic Signature & Rewrite Your Money Story 👇🏻

Step One: Consciously Construct Thoughts That Manifest Money

In order to change your energetic signature, you have to go beyond creating vision boards, using money affirmations, and all other mainstream manifestation techniques you’ve been taught over the years. Instead, you must build an unwavering abundance mindset where you deliberately think in the present tense positive thoughts about money.

The most overlooked part of manifestation is intentionallly building new thoughts and practicing thouse thoughts over and over again so that the subconscious mind has a new story to follow.

This step isn’t super easy. Especially for those who have financial problems or more financial demands than they can handle. The trick is in the title: consciously constructing thoughts. You have to spend time constructing or developing new thoughts about money. Then you need to practice thinking those thoughts so that you can train the mind to stay in an abundance mindset.

Step Two: Locate Wounded Beliefs That Support Negative Thoughts

If you really want to live a life where money manifestation and financial freedom feel effortless and your bank account has all the money you ever desired, you have to locate your wounded beliefs about money. Otherwise, you will never be able to receive money in the way that you want to.

A simple way to locate wounded beliefs is to ask yourself: Do I feel worthy and deserving of more money? And, do I feel powerful and as if I am enough to manifest money? If the answer to those questions is no, your beliefs around money are wounded.

Step Three: Heal Your Wounded Beliefs Around Money

Healing wounded beliefs around money, or anything for that matter, is actually quite simple. All you have to do is write down what you genuinely believe about money along with everything in your life that supports and reinforces those beliefs.

Then write down the expansive beliefs you wish you held along with everything that would support and reinforce those beliefs. Finally, do everything in your power to move away from anything that supports and reinforces your wounded beliefs about money and move toward everything that supports and reinforces expansive beliefs about money.

It’s really that simple and worth the time since it makes money manifestation so much easier.

Step Four: Sustain Higher Quality Feelings About Money

Remember that divinely designed manifesting system we just talked about? Well, part of what makes it so intelligent is that your thoughts and beliefs exist to incite your feelings. And, if you’ve ever tried to work with the law of attraction or you’ve used law of attraction techniques, you know that feelings play a big role in manifestation.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your thoughts and beliefs precede your feelings. They make your feelings. So you need to put more emphasis on them when you are trying to manifest money. Nevertheless, you can orchestrate new feelings based on thought alone but unless the thought and feeling are aligned with a belief, they have no staying power nor any real manifesting power. To attract money, you need to sustain high-quality feelings over time.

Manifesting money doesn’t come because you created a vision board or decided to practice manifestation techniques on a random Sunday. You have to be able to sustain high-quality feelings about money that are supported by high-quality thoughts and beliefs if you really want to manifest money.

Step Five: Set Intentions For All The Abundance You Want & Deserve.

When it comes to manifesting abundance in your life, setting an intention is key. Intentions allow you to align with the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you need to become a money magnet.

But what exactly is an intention? Intentions are guiding principles that will empower you to stay steadfast on your money manifestation journey. They are not goals but they can help you to achieve your goals.

Most people don’t know how to set powerful intentions because they think of the intention as the manifestation itself.

Intentions are not manifestations. They are the guiding principles that help a person align with the energy of the manifestation they wish to create.

For example, one of my clients set the intention to manifest money fast. And she supported the intention by using money affirmations like:

wealth constantly flows to me, money manifesting is my second nature, my savings account is overflowing with money, I am open to and receiving the money flowing to me, and I live an abundant life!

She also created a vision board and employed multiple manifestation techniques she learned while studying the law of attraction but still wasn’t manifesting money which let her down. Let down, the quality of her thoughts, beliefs, and feelings decreased which decreased the quality of her energetic signature which kept her writing the same old money story. Yet she wondered: why am I not manifesting what I’ve intended for?

Her mistake was that she really didn’t create an intention in the first place. She created a goal which was to manifest money fast. And remember, intentions are not goals but they can help you achieve your goals.

So we sat down and created a new intention which sounded like this:

I am powerful enough to create a new energetic signature that writes a new money story by working with my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings consistently.

I know, it sounds bland but the magic is that it has a guiding principle which is POWER. Once she intended the power to create a new energetic signature, her ability to improve the quality of her thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money grew exponentially, her energetic signature improved drastically, and her money story started to change for the better. Eventually, she paid off her debt, bought a new car, and she finally feels the right to live comfortably which, if I must say so myself, is pretty damn powerful.

Step Six: Set Your Money Goals

Once you have an intention, you can support it with money goals. Successful people and people with an unlimited supply set financial goals to realize their positive intentions for money.

Setting concrete goals that lead toward prosperity will undoubtedly help you manifest money. You can choose a big lump sum of money to work toward when goal setting but it’s important you break it down into manageable chunks so it’s achievable.

I like to set a five-year goal and then back out of it by creating one-year goals. Then, starting with the next 365 days I back out goals month by month and even week by week so that I can stay on point during my money manifestation journey. This type of goal setting has helped me achieve great success and even sparked new dreams that inspire more ways to manifest money.

In Summary:

You can manifest money by aligning with the energy of abundance. To do this you must ensure your divine manifesting system which includes your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings is creating a high-quality energetic signature that writes the money story you want to live.

Since you’re manifesting all the time via the law of attraction, it serves you to create intentions around money that serve as guiding principles for manifesting money. These principles can help support higher-quality thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Once your intention is in place, you can set money goals and take action to attract more wealth and success as part of your money manifestation journey.

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