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Why Money is Important Even For Spiritual People

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Money is important, even for spiritual people who don’t believe in money or think money is a bad thing. The truth is, acting like you don’t need or want money isn’t righteous. And, while proving to yourself that you can thrive without money isn’t a bad thing, your personal power to leave a positive impact on the world around you is amplified when you have financial resources.

Money is a necessary part of human life but it’s also a powerful part too.

Rejecting the concept of money and judging those who have it does not make someone spiritual. In fact, it can do quite the opposite. Practicing spirituality requires non-judgment and a deep connection to the unified nature of our reality that is sourced from what many of us call God. When we let go of judgment, and realize our connection to our source, each other, and all that is, we also come to see the many things that tie us together as a human family. And one of those things is $$$.

While it could be argued that money is the root of all evil, it’s really not. Financial resources can be used for good or bad, but at the end of the day, it’s just a tool. And the more people who use their financial resources as powerful tools to unify and help heal the world around us, the more we will create a modern society where daily life feels like a spiritual practice.

$ is energy

Money is energy. It’s a basic truth that we all know, but it’s one that we often forget. Money doesn’t just have a physical existence – it has an energetic vibration, too. But in its pure, organic form, money is neutral. The quality of money’s vibration is swayed when we judge it based on our beliefs about It.

Our beliefs around financial resources are how we charge money as either positive or negative. Charging money with a limited belief makes it negative. While charging money with an expansive belief makes it positive.

With a negative charge, manifesting or making money is very difficult. But, with a positive charge, you can manifest or make as much money as you need for yourself and whatever cause you choose to focus on in the external world. Click here to get Tips for Attracting Wealth and Prosperity

Money and Spiritual Life

You can be spiritual and still prosper financially. In fact, you can associate abundance, prosperity, and a robust bank account with your spiritual awakening. As you awaken to remember who you really are as a direct extension of one source consciousness, you gain access to your source power.

What is your source power? It’s creation, or what some call manifestation. Everything that exists is manifest from the one divine source. So exercising the creative process by directing your internal world to create in the external world can effectively get you closer to God. Even if you create money.

Now, I understand that you probably associate money with dark forces because the imbalance of the world’s financial resources causes so much suffering. But, truth be told, when you create a healthy relationship with money, intentionally manifest more of it, and use that money to enhance the spiritual practice of creation, you become the living embodiment of the source.

$ and Spiritual Values

Common sense would tell you that prosperity and spiritual values are like oil and vinegar but let me ask you something: Who made that common? And does it really make any sense?

The structures that made prosperity and spiritual values repel each other are the exact structures that hold vast amounts of the world’s money. As we create the modern world together with unity in mind, we have to ask ourselves questions like: If it’s so righteous to be poor, then why do all of the great religious institutions of the world hold so much wealth?

Can Money Buy Happiness?

In essence, it can because it can buy freedom which is the direct path to happiness. Without enough money, most people feel stressed and feel that their well-being is compromised.

It’s hard to focus on the natural state of abundance the universe has to offer when you can’t make or manifest money. Sure, there are a few off-griders who escape the idea that they need financial resources to realize prosperity and abundance but the hard truth is that most of us participate collectively in the unified nature of reality, which requires money.

$ And Your Soul Purpose

We all share the same purpose and that is to create our life experiences. How do we create? With our power. What is our power? Our power is the light of our consciousness which illuminates further when we turn our awareness back to the one.

Identifying with yourself as consciousness which stems from one source and using your creative capacity to manifest your life experience is part of spiritual awakening. When you tie spirituality to your well-being and begin to respect your soul purpose which again, is to create your manifest experience, you see that finances are nothing to fear. And, being wealthy can absolutely be righteous when you apply that wealth to your expansion and the expansion of those around you.

Having Money Is A Sin?

Many spiritual people think that the best thing to do with money is to just give it away to the poor. Otherwise, it starts to get dirty. And while I’m not suggesting that is a bad thing, there is goodness in retaining some of your financial resources to grow and develop personally.

When you grow and develop you expand the inner world. Expansion is the primary function of spiritual awakening. It’s integral to the full realization and embodiment of the one.

Allowing yourself to expand beyond the idea that spirituality can not exist if someone is wealthy can lift you into more purpose and power than you ever dreamed possible. As more spiritual people allow their expansion and accept wealth as a natural part of their experience, more and more people will redefine how we use our financial resources.

Activating Financial Abundance

Activating abundance starts in the internal world. The world of individual consciousness where all of your creative power is expressed in the present moment. The inner world, however, is a complex landscape that houses your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and feelings; some of which are repressed in the unconscious.

Nevertheless, abundance begins with an idea or positive thinking about money and what it can do to enhance unity and equality. When you direct your thoughts back toward unification and think of how you can manifest or make money as an ever-expanding person with the collective in mind, your picture, and concept of what it means to be wealthy with ample resources changes.

The Power to Manifest Prosperity and Abundance

At the end of the day, the power to manifest financial prosperity or anything else for that matter will largely depend on your beliefs. And, to make money a positive part of your life experience, you must heal wounded beliefs around financial prosperity.

One way to do this is to align the manifestation of wealth with spirituality. Using wealth to enhance your life and the lives of those around you is a service to the one. It’s important to let go of ideas and fear that the desire to prosper is bad. Because it’s not.

The only thing that is bad is when you use wealth to divide and conquer. Instead, focus your wealth on becoming a stronger force of unification so that you can improve lives, including your own.

Making the World A Better Place With Money

We can all make the world a better place by simply existing in peace and embodying compassion but let’s face it, even Pema Chodron, Deepak Chopra, and Eckart Tolle know that money moves inner and outer worlds.

If we want to live in a society where spirituality takes precedence over money, or prosperity becomes a function of spirituality, then we have to participate in amassing financial resources and changing the way they are used.

The more we participate with money the more we can redirect its use. Over time, when money and spiritual values are finally aligned, we will undoubtedly use it to make the world a better place.

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