3 Steps To Healing & Creating A Life You Love

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I'm a spiritual life & business coach, who's mastered the subtle art of vibrational living. I'm hell bent on healing, leading by example, and empowering other people's purpose.
I've manifested things I never dreamed possible through a deep understanding of what it means to live vibrationally. And, I want to help you do the same.

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If you’re here, you probably have something to heal from (as we all do—so know you’re not alone). Healing can feel incredibly daunting, but I’ve got a secret to share with you. When we shift our perspective and see healing as a desire rather than a chore, the process becomes clearer, and a more direct path emerges. 

Just like you want that handbag or house on the lake, you can turn healing into a deep-seated desire and get to the end of your path faster. But the end isn’t like hitting a brick wall. It’s like being dumped out into a pristine field of creativity, where you realize that healing and manifesting are the exact same thing. And you, my friend, are a powerful creator here to manifest a life you love.

So, in this article, I going to share the exact 3 steps I used to transform my healing journey into the most empowering and fulfilling experience I’ve ever had.

Table of Contents

Step One: I Built Self-Worth

Learning Self-love

Developing Self-appreciation

Step Two: I Realized Oneness

Step Three: I Found My Why

Step One: I Built Self-Worth

When I first started my journey, I had dangerously low levels of self-worth. Having endured so much drama and trauma, I came to loathe the very idea of my existence. It was a horrible place to be, but I needed to be there at the time. Otherwise, I would have never known what it was like to exist at the levels of self-worth I do now.

To learn what self-worth was, I developed a formula that would help me build a new foundation for existing: Self-worth = self-love + self-appreciation.

Learning Self-love

To learn self-love, I developed a relationship with my God. Not the Christian God I was taught to fear, not some daddy in the sky, but a God I would come to know as an ever-loving presence in and around me.

Developing Self-appreciation

Self-appreciation took a little longer because it required me to develop my most valuable asset: me. This development is ongoing, but the things that have pushed me the farthest are

Developing my voice

Developing my brand

Becoming an excellent coach, mentor, leader, mother, and wife

Step Two: I Realized Oneness

As I continued to develop my relationship with God, I realized that we are all God experiencing itself in an infinite number of forms—but not necessarily under divine direction. With our free will, we steer our personal experiences. So, I decided to view my painful past as an opportunity for deep transformation, shaping me into the image of God.

Don't get me wrong—I’m not claiming to be some holier-than-thou guru with superpowers. But, through this journey, I discovered that I have the power of God within me—and guess what? So do you. That power is creation. As direct extensions of God, we are all contributing to the fabric of reality we share through the energy we put out into the world. You can learn more about my discovery by reading The Aura Effect™

Step Three: I Found My Why

Desiring something is one thing; understanding why you desire it is another. In the Manifesting Boot Camp, we always start with why. Why? Knowing your why helps you develop an emotional connection to your desire - even when the desire is simply to heal.

An emotional connection accomplishes two key things. First, it keeps you focused on the actions needed to achieve your desire. Second, it guides your subconscious to follow the pathways necessary to fulfill that desire.

Arriving at your TRUE why is how you are going advance along the healing path until it widens and becomes a pristine field of creativity where you can create a life you love.

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