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WELCOME TO Light workers Lounge!

The Go-To Community For Light Workers, Star Seeds & Empaths 

Join us in our growing community of women (and a handful of men) who are awakening to our purpose and power.

let us see your light shine

Learn. Share. Unite.

Maintaining and spreading our light is big business. Together we will learn, share, and unite to make a bigger impact on the world around us.

Let's do this together!


How To Stay Creative & Inspired When You're Burnt Out

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You want to engage with like minded people on a similar path.

You're ready to heal & create a life you love.

You are ready to heal and create a life you love.

You really want to advance your knowledge of chakras, tarot, astrology, crystals, and other esoteric crafts.

You have an actual, real desire to expand and ascend.

From monthly book club to mini trainings, our group is designed to make you feel at home and offer you transformative tools to help you advance along your ascension path. Our group is currently hosted on Facebook until we have an alternative where we can share all relevant information and trainings.

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If You Answered YES - You're IN!

I've designed this group for women (& a handful of men)  who want to make their awakening a priority. Rather than simply spread inspiration its time come together to share our knowledge and resources and lift one another into our next level of expansion.

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Uncover Your
Purpose & Power

Everything in this group is meant to guide you toward your purpose and teach you how you can use your power though the expansion of consciousness, building your light body, and creating a life you love.

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