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Spiritual awakening - and awakening to your true purpose and power can be confusing and uncomfortable. Together we'll discover what your soul is up to on this divine journey and make sure your on the right track to living abundantly and with out regret.


You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally understood why you're here.

We're all here for the same purpose which is to create our life experience. We learn how to create as we awaken to remember who we really are as a direct extension of one source consciousness. The power we have to create grows as we expand our consciousness through healing. The beautiful thing about healing is that we can discover our individual life purpose along the healing path and ultimately live a richly rewarding life!

Packages & PRICING

1 Session

A single 60 minute session by
phone or video.

3 Session Package

3/ 60 minute sessions by
phone or video.

Spiritual, IntuitIve, life coaching and strategy
for Men & women who want to Heal & live A Life They Love. 

5 Session Package

5/ 60 minute sessions by
phone or video.

Meet Jacki

what a blessing!

I made more progress with Lisa in one session than I did in 5 months of therapy.

Working with Lisa has taught me so many things about myself. Being more self-aware allowed me to heal wounds I didn't even know I had. She's helped me work though my relationships and I now show up from a place of self-worth, self-love and self-appreciation.


down, frustrated or confused...

It's all part of your awakening and nothing we can't tackle together. With a greater understanding of why you're here and how to heal what no longer serves you, you'll be on your way to freedom and abundance in no time.


The world can feel like a heavy and absorbing energies that don't belong to you can really hold you back. Together, we'll determine- what's yours and what doesn't belong to you so that you can clean up your energy field to allow for greater expansion.


Use spiritual practice and healing techniques to clean up your energy field and raise your vibration? That's ok :) together - we'll sort out what's most appropriate for you at this time.

The results


Replace confusion with clarity and fear with faith that you're exactly where you're meant to be.

Gain peace of mind in knowing that you can Navigate this journey & feel like a pro doing it. 

Get a better understanding of what's happening around the world as the masses awaken. 

Embrace all of your messy emotions & uncover their hidden messages, lessons & gifts.

Become vibrationally aware so you can be a powerful co-creator with the universe.

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- Fawn lane

“Honestly, working with Lisa changed my life."


Harper healed her relationships

"Lisa is head and shoulders above anyone I've ever worked  with.

"I'm a licensed counselor and have worked and learned with many top professionals in my field. I was absolutely amazed when I met and worked with Lisa. She is head and shoulders above any coach and frankly, any counselor I've ever worked with. She has wisdom about the healing journey that no textbook could teach you and her knowledge of manifesting as part of your spiritual awakening journey is simply incredible. I have a new sense of purpose and well-being having worked with Lisa."

Annie Landed her dream  job

"I went from over worked and under-paid to landing my dream job.

Lisa taught me how to show up differently. If I hadn't worked with her I would have never been prepared for the interview for my dream job. Not only was I prepared but I was calm and ready to ask for what I deserve- I nailed it, thanks to Lisa!

This could be you....

Erikas persuing her passion

"I went from a stay at home mom to writing a story for Hallmark."

When my son was born I decided I wanted to stay at home to raise him. I didn't realize that giving up my work would be like giving up my soul. Even though my son is the most important thing in the world - I'm writing and feel alive again. Lisa helped me to get back on track without any guilt.

Jacki Dalsimer

Arya Ananthan

Rob Pene

"I was spinning in circles, not healing, and really struggling. Lisa literally guided me back to reality. She meets you where you are and has an amazing ability to help you heal the root of your suffering. She's an amazing coach & guide."

"Sometimes life just falls apart - and you don't know where to turn,. Well now you do -LISA! At one of the most challenging times of my life, Lisa helped me to gain the clarity and confidence I needed to heal and start rebuilding my life with ease. She is selfless, brilliant , and an outstanding coach."

"You will never find a coach, mentor or guide like Lisa - she is truly one of a kind with knowledge and wisdom that far exceeded the help I was getting from a counselor and therapist. She's literally gold "

“Lisa is my go-to. Work, life, relationships -she's sage and a mentor with some serious magic. ”

To learn from someone who's done it all is one of the greatest gifts. Lisa taught me how to project myself into my future and design a life I love. There's really no better place to start if you want to change your life. Lisa is it.

- Deidra

LET'S Dive in together!

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Whether you want to have one, three, five sessions with me , you'll get the insight and guidance you need to move forward in business, life and love.

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- melissa

“If you're On the fence, let me just say that working with LIsa is the absolute best decision you can make.”