Rise Into the Woman You're Destined to Become..

To Rise Into The Woman You're Destined to Become..

Putting together the pieces that make up life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When you begin to understand how it all fits together - you'll realize that everything you've been given was exactly what you needed to rise into the woman you were destined to become.

Everything you need To

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At some point in our lives we have to step up and own it all. All the drama, trauma, wounds and wisdom - are pieces of the puzzle we call life. We need to embrace them all and put them together to make a beautiful picture we can live in, and love. 

It's it time you finally owned it, loved it, and lived it.

You only get one shot
at this life

“Honestly, this program changed the way I live my life. I have so much clarity, peace & direction.

- sara

Here's What You Need:

Higher Self Awareness

Inside of you is a precious inner universe that holds all of the pieces to your puzzle. It's important to spend time with them to see what they look like so that you can re-shape the ones that don't fit into the picture you're trying to paint.

The power to self-heal

Healing is the reshaping process. It's the way we change each piece of our puzzle to fit in perfectly. When we learn how to self-heal we use the wisdom of our wounds to expertly paint the picture of our puzzle.

freedom to create what you desire

As you learn more about the pieces of your puzzle and reshape them - you'll want to bring new ones in that make your picture a real piece of art. This is the art of manifesting.

A program for women who to create a masterpiece.



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Module One

A deep dive into who you really are. Beyond your gifts and talents we'll look at your habits and values - and the things that really make the picture of your life come alive.

Course breakdown:



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Module Two

Take the rough and hard edge pieces of your puzzle and pull out their messages, lessons and gifts. Wounds contain wisdom that you can use to make magic.


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Module Three

To develop new pieces of the puzzle that fit the picture you're trying to create you need to direct our thoughts toward the outcome we wish to see. This module will teach you how to over-write old thoughts  with new, beautiful thoughts about a life you love. 

Right Thinking

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Module Four

The pieces to our puzzle make us feel certain ways but we can condition our feelings to reshape the pieces of the puzzle. It's genius and so are you when you learn how to use right feeling to paint your picture.

Right Feeling

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Module Five

Without purpose our life doesn't have much meaning and our picture can't be that vivid or beautiful. Explore your purpose so that you can bring the world your magic. 

Exploring your life purpose

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Module Six

To create a picture of a life we love living - we have to create new pieces to our puzzle. Each piece you create should be intentional and mindfully designed to fit into your beautiful picture.







The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

An ability to heal emotional wounds using my personal tool for healing.

TOOLS TO HELP YOU BECOME EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT AND RESILIANT with more power & influence over your relationships.

A way to uncover your life purpose and start living it with confidence.

Advanced manifesting techniques that are simple to use but extremely powerful.

More self control from a greater awareness of who you really are.

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"This course helped me understand so much about who I am. I've healed so much. And, I'm clear on how to manifest what I really want!

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"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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A year from now you'll
will have wished you joined today....

so let's get  you started!

"The tools I learned in this program are like none I've found elsewhere. I'm using ALL of them to help me rise into the woman I've always wanted to be!

be bold!


"Lisa is the very best at what she does - you can't learn healing and manifesting like this anywhere else.


"This program is WHOLE fitness - for the modern woman who really wants to live her best life. I love the work Lisa presents - it's life changing."



“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- melissa


14 Meditations in One Suite

You'll have access to 14 meditations at chakra frequencies and sounds to help you go within and transform you inner universe. 


Tools to become increasingly aware about who you are and who you are becoming

The exact method I use to heal and create a life I absolutely love.

An increased ability to respond to life and relationships in a way that will serve you and your dreams.

A clear actionable plan for manifesting your most beautiful life. 

A better understanding of your soul's and life purpose.

A higher awareness of your spirituality and power.

By the end of Woman Rising, you'll have..


“We're all at a time in our lives where we need greater to influence over our personal reality.

- luna

There is no better place to learn how to heal and manifest what you desire than In Woman Rising. Lisa has done a brilliant job in putting all the pieces of personal and spiritual development in one place. A woman who commits to her journey will experience many wonderful and lasting transformations in this program.

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

- jordan s.

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I designed Woman Rising for women who want more from life. It's a  powerful journey of healing and creating, personal and spiritual development and transformation. Join me today as I light your path and help you rise into the woman you are destined to become.

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Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to rise into the woman you are destined to become.

5 modules, 14 meditations and a course playbook that's yours to keep. And as member of Woman Rising you'll pay one fee for lifetime access.

Try Woman Rising for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I'm taking all the risk off of your hands. If you don't dig the vibe and feel as though it's not helping you, I refund you - the entire investment. That's how confident I am in this program.

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This      for you if:

You're ready for change

You're not ready to work on yourself

YOu're sick of thinking "I can't"

YOU'RE expecting a change overnight

you're ready to grow & become the woman you're destined to become

It's probably        for you if...

YOU think that the program will do the work for you



Let's do this thing.


How long will the program take to complete?

The program takes approximately 5 weeks to complete. It's set on a drip schedule which means as soon as you purchase the program, you'll have access to Module One. Each module is then released every seven days. So, Module Two on day 7, Module Three on day 14 ... and so on. The drip format is intentionally designed to help you absorb the contents of each module before you move onto the next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do I take it?

Woman Rising is a digital learning experience that can be accessed by any mobile or desktop device. You can plug into your mediations or modules from anywhere you have a wifi connection. It's currently being moved from one teaching platform to another but fear not - we'll be up and running soon!!

So, you're saying I can try this - and if I don't like it, return it for a full refund?

Yep! It doesn't serve me if it doesn't serve you. Plus, I'm so confident in the program's content that I suspecting you'll want to stick around :) You'll have lifetime access to the program so you can always come back when you need a refresh on certain lessons or modules. And, the meditations alone will have you logging in freqently!

A program
For Women
who want 
to rise


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