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Healing, Spiritual Awakening, and the Ascension journey isn't easy- ESPECIALLY if you don't fully understand it. It can tear us apart mentally, wipe us out physically, cause tremendous grief out of nowhere, and make us feel disconnected from the world around us.  

if that sounds like you, you're not alone

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I do my absolute best to translate complex ideas associated with healing, spiritual awakening & the ascension journey to explain to you what's happening as well as guide you along your path. From subjects like healing, manifesting, and personal/professional development - you'll get all I have have to give when we work together or in a group - and yes, I work with men too :)

What I do...

I'm classically trained from text books and formal education but my real magic comes from the gold mine of wisdom I found along my own healing journey. The dark, rocky path from where I was- at my lowest moment- to where I am now- living the life of my dreams, taught me about the power I have as a healer & creator of my life experience. You also posses the powers of healing and creating and when you wake up to remember who you really are - you'll be glad you did! Click learn more to hear more of my personal story.

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“Lisa provided me with tools that assisted me in navigating into a new reality. I operate from a different place now – a place of strength, power, self-love and authenticity. Since working with Lisa, my life has grown abundantly. I'm at the top of my game professionally and I've met the woman of my dreams.

- Natalie


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