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If you're looking to put the pieces of your life puzzle together and create a beautiful picture, you're in the right place. 

What holds women back from  success in life and love? Lots of scattered pieces to a puzzle we just trying to put together right. Some of the pieces are broken, some lost - and some we don't even realize we have. But if we spend time gathering up each piece, we start to see the real picture of our lives. Once we witness the picture - we can reshape certain pieces, shake the ones that we no longer want in our puzzle and bring in new ones to make the picture more beautiful.  My work is dedicated to helping you put together the pieces of your life in a way that makes you love the way you live.  

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A whole and lasting transformation in the areas of life that matter most to you. No matter where you are in your sense of self, relationships or career, its my job to develop a plan and path you can understand and follow to achieve your desired outcome.  

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Like most coaches, I'm classically trained from text books and formal education but my real magic comes from the gold mine of wisdom I found along my own healing journey. The dark, rocky path from where I was at my lowest moment to where I am now, living the life of my dreams, taught me about the power a woman has to make magic and miracles in her life. Click learn more to hear my personal story.

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“Lisa provided me with tools that assisted me in navigating into a new reality. I operate from a different place now – a place of strength, power, self-love and authenticity. Since working with Lisa, my life has grown abundantly. I'm at the top of my game professionally and I've met the woman of my dreams.

- Natalie


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Each day is sacred and each morning is an opportunity to connect with our true power. I'll share with you exactly how I start my day and set myself up for lasting success.