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Abundance is your brith right but is it your destiny? For most people abundance is not a destiny. And, the reason lies in a wounded belief system that can be keep you blocked from abundance for an entire lifetime. Being blocked from abundance can be painful, confusing and even make you feel guilt, shame, regret, remorse, and a whole slew of shitty feelings I'd rather you didn't have.

But before we dive into healing the wounded beliefs that block your abundance, let's take a minute to define abundance. Abundance is anything that is plentiful. And, in the case of this blog, anything that is plentiful that pleases you. It can be a state of external wealth, love, health and well being, or anything else you desire.

Whatever it is, is cool with me but to get what you desire in abundance, you're going to have to have a healthy belief system that helps you stay aligned with abundance and open to receive abundance as well. So, in this blog, we'll look at what wounded beliefs are, how they form, and the secret to healing them so that you can align with and open to receive what you desire easily.

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Wounded Beliefs That Block Abundance

At the core of every belief system are 5 core beliefs from which all other beliefs are born, and they are whether or not someone feels:

  • Love-able
  • Worthy
  • Deserving
  • Powerful
  • And as if they are Enough as they measure yourself against the rest of the world.

If you don't feel love-able it will be hard to experience abudnance in your relationships. If you feel unworthy, you may never get the job that pays you big money. When you feel undeserving the universe can only serve up lack and limitation. Feeling powerless will keep you chained to your past and prevent you from moving into an abundant future. And, feeling as if you are not enough will always keep you playing small, unable to recognize how much abundance is waiting for you beyond such a wounded beleif. my ten years of being a spiritual life and business coach, I've had countless clients with wounded belief.

But don't feel bad. In my ten years of being a spiritual life and business coach, I've never met someone with a healed belief system. And truth be told - I do what I do for a living because I had to master healing a deeply wounded beleif system myself! So let's take a look at where these pesky beliefs come from in the first place.

Development of Core Wounded Beliefs

Our core belief system is mostly established before we are ten years old. From an early age, societal and family norms define who we should be. And if we don't fit within the definition or mold exactly, our self perception gets clouded.

When we feel as though we are not perfect, as defined by our families and communities, we loose sense of our divine all powerful self- that knows, without a shadow of a doubt- abundance is our birth right.

And the separation between who we think we are based on societal and family norms, and who we really are as divine creators of our life experience is caused by this pesky little thing called the ego.

Our ego has one job which is to answer the question: If I am not that, then who am I? And if it determines that I am not part of the mold, it will immediately construct a wounded belief system that convinces us that we are not:

  • Love-able
  • Worthy
  • Powerful
  • Deserving
  • Nor are we Enough as we measure ourselves against the rest of the world.

And while the ego is well intentioned at first, it eventually bears the inner critic. Once the inner critic is formed, it will start to do it's job which is to ceaselessly reinforce these beliefs. So now, we're screwed.

At this point, we've forgotten who we really are, we're being beaten down by our inner critic and our subconscious is being programmed to intentionally manifest stress, scarcity, lack and limitation.

To make matters worse, as the subconscious leads us away from abundance our worldview narrows. We begin to see the world not as it is, but clouded by our internalized doubts and fears. The cloudier and more narrow our world view, the less potential for abundance we can perceive.

But what if we could heal our wounded beliefs and quiet the ego and the inner critic so that you can perceive abundance as you wish to experience it?

Healing Wounded Beliefs For Greater Abundance

Let's do this - but before we do... remember: Healing wounded beliefs takes active practice. Because they are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds, they don't heal overnight but they can heal in due time if you commit to working with them. So let me show you how it's done step-by-step by focusing on financial abundance since we can all relate.


All healing begins in self-awareness so the first thing you want to do is call out the core beliefs you know are wounded. Do this by taking an area of life you are experiencing scarcity, stress, lack, and limitation in and ask yourself: Am I experiencing this because I don't feel love-able, worthy, deserving, powerful or enough as I measure myself against the rest of the world in this area of life? Write it down.

Find The Supporting Beam:

Beliefs don't just stick around unless they are supported. So now, write down everything that supports your wounded belief. For instance, perhaps you discovered that you don't feel powerful enough to attract financial abundance into your life. What do you think is supporting that? Maybe it's poor financial management, lack of education, a belief that you have to trade your time for dollars, and that money doesn't grow on trees. Whatever you come up with, write it down.

Use this cheat sheet as a daily reminder on how to heal your wounded beliefs. Save the image on your phone and consider using it as a screen saver so that you have an active reminder to heal wounded beliefs.

Find The Raw Materials That Constructed The Beam:

Now find the contents that constructed the beam. Maybe it's a mother who is constantly looking for deals and buying things she doesn't need (poor financial management), maybe it's that you don't pay enough attention to growing your finances because you don't know how (lack of education), maybe you are in a dead end job that will never pull you out of debt (believing you have to trade your time for dollars.) You get the gist- write it down.

Gather New Raw Materials:

To heal or take down old beliefs you have to build new ones. We can't exist as intelligent human beings without beliefs. So now it's time to find the raw materials that will build healthy beliefs that support your abundance. New raw materials in the example we've been using would be focusing on proper financial management by educating yourself and caring for your money in modern and progressive way so that it grows as you grow. Fight the urge to mimic your mother and spend where you really don't need to. Look for money making opportunities that don't eat your time and can be moderately passive. Write down all the raw materials you can use to rebuild your beliefs.


Action is everything when it comes to building new beliefs. You must move forward every day closer and closer to the new belief by employing the new raw materials you've gathered. The more you employ things like financial education and money management while breaking bad habits and looking for new opportunities- the more you take control over the subconscious and start the reprogramming process. Key take away: move away from the wounded belief and toward the healthy belief through intentional action.

Managing Doubt When Abudance Doesn't Show

You will get stuck in periods of doubt because the subconscious is programed to follow the beliefs it has known for the longest period of time. So it will try to steer you away from rebuilding your belief system just as a matter of what it is supposed to do. When you get stuck and feel yourself slipping into doubt, remind yourself of the points below.


By understanding that love is an intrinsic human quality and not an external validation, you can foster deeper connections with yourself and others. Others are your co-creative partners in manifesting abundance so find the connections who share the same intentions for abundance.

Do your best to look for where love flows freely, where relationships are nurturing, and self-love is unwavering. The more you fill your awareness with these things the more you will overwrite the contents of the subconscious and build new healthy beliefs.


Every individual brings unique value to the world. Recognizing your intrinsic worth can be uncovered if you don't know what it is already. Your greatest asset is YOU. So look for ways to appreciate your value through learning, active practice of a hobby or passion, or anything that helps you align with the abundance you seek.

When you expect more from yourself and the people who are closest to you, you'll start to naturally align with your intentions to manifest abudundance.

Self-worth is a function of loving yourself and appreciating in value. Learning, growing, and becoming more of who you are meant to be is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


We are ALL deserving of joy, love, success, AND ABUNDANCE. By eradicating the belief that you are not deserving and building it's healthy counterpart, you open the flood gates to blessings and abundance.

Practice gratitude and look for serendipities. The universe is constantly reminding you of how incredibly deserving you are. Seek and ye shall find.


Realizing your internal power and agency is the ultimate transformation because it give you the reins of your destiny. When life's challenges seem unsurmountable, employ your network to lift and guide you. There is always someone out there more aligned than you are. Whether it be a family, friend or mentor, find your tribe and let them empower you with the tools you need to thrive.


You are enough, just as you are. Really, you are. But if you want more abundance you have to grow into it. You have to vibe to the frequency of what you desire by knowing more about the qualities of it so you can align with it.

Keep an eye out for what you desire manifest in other people's lives and in the world around you. Avoid jealousy- it only derails you from perfect alignment. Always affirm: If he or she is enough, then so am I.

Beyond Limiting Beliefs:

With every belief we heal, we gain freedom. A freedom to be who we want, do what we want, and have what we want. Picture this now: you are exactly who you've always wanted to be, doing what you please, and you have everything you need. From love, to money, to health and even massive wealth if that's what you please. It's all available to you when you hold a set of healthy beliefs.

Healthy beliefs expand your worldview so that you can perceive beyond what is before you as your current circumstances and situation. This expansion provides opportunities and potentials that beckon from every corner. No matter who you are or where you come from abundance is available to you.

Take time each day to work with your beliefs using the five steps listed above and watch as new world unfolds. Each step towards healing these wounded beliefs paves the way for a life of joy, love, and endless possibilities. So, embrace this journey, for on the other side lies a world brimming with abundance.

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