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What We're Getting Into....


Soul contracts can be tricky to understand because they often involve challenging situations that cause you pain. They appear to suck, and they don't make a whole lot of sense - at first - but once you understand them, you'll see why your soul created them in the first place.

The first question you'll ask yourself is why would my contract itself to experience pain? The answer is - it doesn't. Your soul is born to grow spiritually and remember what it really is. But, the process of growing and remembering can be painful.

Before you were born into your physical body, you made "pre-birth agreements" that would help you grow spiritually and remember who you are as a soul - not just a bag of meat and bones. These agreements are otherwise known as soul contracts. So, let's break down soul contracts in an easy-to-understand way so that you can scope out yours and use them to do what you came here to do in the first place.

The Origin of Your Soul

You have to understand the origin of your soul before you can understand its contracts. The origin of your soul is one source of consciousness from which all souls come. Often referred to as God or the substance that caused the Big Bang, it's a universal source from which all things begin and end.

The beginning and ending are key to understanding who you are as a soul, and your soul contracts because your soul is destined to end back at the source from whence it came.

So, your soul is on a long journey to find your way home.

The journey back home is long and painful because you forget who you are as a direct extension of God. Instead, you live most of your life as a bag of meat and bones. So, your soul agrees to various experiences to help it remember that it is an extension of the source and, therefore, "god." Or, God with a little "g."

Just like you are made in light of your mom and dad, you are made in the light of God. And, just as you inherit qualities from your mom and dad, you also inherit the only quality of God, which is creation.

As a "god" with a little "g" you were meant to create your life experience in the light of God. God's light can be described as love, which is the ultimate power, but also gentle, graceful, and the essence of perfection.

But as you know, most of us don't create our life experiences from love but rather from the opposite of love, which is fear. The thread of fear woven into creation produces the manifest experience most of us are living in now, and the result is broken economies, war-torn nations, inequality, injustice, narcissistic leadership, and, of course - a deeper forgetfulness of who we really are.

There are no insignificant relationships. Every experience that we have contains purpose and meaning. Each event, each person in our lives embodies an energetic fragment of our own psyche and soul. Our individual spiritual task is to recognize and integrate all of them into our awareness so that the greater pattern of our mission can shine forth in its full dimensions.

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Why We Need Soul Contracts

The source, or God, grants its individuated parts (you and me) free will to express ourselves uniquely, authentically, and individually in hopes that when we create, we do so in its light or from love. But you and I both know that most of people don't create from love - they create from fear.

We create from fear because we have an ego. The ego developed over the course of humanity's evolution to help us self-actualize or understand who we are as an individuated unit of God.

Its primary job is to answer the question: If I am not that, then who am I? I go into great detail about the ego in this video, but for now, it's just important to know that as the ego attempts to answer the question: If I am not that, then who am I? It forgets that it is part of God with the power to create from love. So, instead, it is created from fear.

The more a soul creates from fear, the farther away it travels from the source or God. But since it's on a path to return to God, it agrees (between lifetimes) that it will experience what it needs to experience to return to creating from love.

The experiences the soul chooses are often traumatic and dramatic because the harsher the experience, the more likely the bag of meat and bones will agree to mature spiritually and remember who it is as a soul on a journey back home.

Healing Through Soul Contracts

The journey back home clearly involves a lot of healing. So let's get clear on what healing really is so that you can navigate your soul's contract with more grace and ease..

Healing is transcendence. It's how the soul ascends into higher levels of consciousness, where its creative power can be harnessed. If a soul is ready to ascend into a level of consciousness where it can experience a peaceful, loving relationship, it will likely have endured a series of toxic or painful relationships first.

This is where soul contracts come in. Your soul may agree to be married to a narcissist in one lifetime so that in another lifetime, it can be married to someone who will help it remember the light of God, which, again, is love.

One of My Soul Contracts

Let me give you some context so that you can be inspired to scout out your soul contracts. The following is a description of one of my contracts. Even though it's clear as day now, it was extremely confusing when it was revealed. Because I took it for what it was, a contract and not just bad luck, it advanced me very far along my evolutionary path back home.

Some readers know that I had the great honor of having a brother and husband who loved me unconditionally. They were my biggest fans, and I loved them beyond measure. After they died, my world fell apart, and I quickly found myself involved with a narcissistic partner and friend group that made me feel anything but loved.

Between the grief from severe loss and shame from horrific abuse, my life fell apart. But along the healing path, I realized that I agreed to have a brother and husband who would leave this earth early, and I agreed to meet my narcissistic partners afterward so that I could experience the stark contrast between what it was like to be loved, and unloved.

The reason my soul chose these partners and experiences was so that I could learn how to love myself. And since I've learned how to love myself, I've become aware of what the frequency of love feels like, so now I am equipped to create from love, not fear.

Side Note:

A lot of people ask me if my brother and husband had to die for me or if my soul's contract was the cause of their deaths. And the answer is a resounding NO.

We all have soul contracts, and part of theirs was to continue their journey back home by leaving Earth when they did. My soul just knew when they would leave - and that's why I was paired with them.

The Role of Karma & Reincarnation in Soul Contracts

Karma is closely linked to soul contracts, where karmic debts are seen as milestones to be achieved along a soul's journey back home. Each soul has a responsibility to create on behalf of the one collective consciousness, which is all souls, including God.

But because we forget that we are one, we create on behalf of our ego and from fear, which undoubtedly causes challenging karma that must be resolved to return home.

Reincarnation provides a platform for the soul to continue its journey, fulfilling contracts over various lifetimes. This cycle allows for the cumulative learning and spiritual development that the soul needs to continue along its evolutionary path back home.

Overcoming Life’s Challenges Through Soul Contracts

The worst thing for your soul in any lifetime is to allow the ego to claim victimhood to your challenges. Have you been victimized? Sure, we all have. But there is a big difference between being victimized and choosing to remain a victim.

If the ego attaches to the victim archetype, you can't extract the messages, lessons, and gifts from the challenges outlined in your soul contract. Without the messages, lessons, and gifts, it's very hard for you to heal and transcend the event, situation, circumstance, or person that was a catalyst for the challenge and the pain that the challenge caused.

Practical Steps to Understand and Honor Your Soul Contract

For those seeking to connect more deeply with their soul contracts, here are 5 steps you can use:

  1. Write down the biggest challenges you have faced or are facing
  2. First, extract any messages that are within the challenge. These are usually understood by asking yourself how you feel about the challenge. For instance, if you are struggling with finances you might say: I feel unsafe.
  3. Come up with the opposite of what the message is saying. For example, if you feel unsafe, you would likely come up with safety. So part of your soul contract is to find a way to use your God like power to create safety.
  4. Now, come up with five lessons you learned from feeling unsafe. Examples include spending more than you have, lack of financial education, or education that would help you earn more.
  5. Finally, take the gifts from the messages and lessons and claim them as your own. For instance, get on a tight budget, enroll in a personal accounting class, or learn a higher-value skill than you have now so that you can command more compensation. These are the gifts you give to yourself to transcend feeling unsafe and ascend into safety.


Soul contracts are more than mystical agreements; they are frameworks within which we can understand our lives and spiritual journeys. As we embrace the lessons and challenges they present, we can advance our journey toward spiritual enlightenment and personal development - and sooner than later, we find our way back home.

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