5 Secrets That Will Make Your Morning More Sacred

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My father always said: "Open each day as if it were a gift." A beautiful sentiment indeed. But why is each day a gift?

If you're anything like me and you've endured massive amounts of trauma, then each day may seem more like a curse than a gift. At least that's how I perceived it for many years on end.

It wasn't until I started to heal that I realized how precious life was. And, when I learned to open each day as a gift, I started to align with everything I desired. So, let's journey through the secrets so that you can align fully and manifest a life you love.

What You're About To Read

You As Sacred

You and me are sacred. Even if you don't feel sacred or you've never realized you're sacred - you are. You are a direct extension of source consciousness empowered with creation, which makes you undeniably sacred.

You are here to create. And every one of your little creations ripples through the universe, shaping our shared manifest reality.

But you probably don't realize that even though you've probably heard that. And you're not alone.

Most people don't understand the magnitude of their power to create. Instead, they forget who they are and bury their true nature in the roles that they play. Worse, the smaller the role they choose, the less empowered they are to intentionally create.

/But we are all here to create and the more of us that undertake the act of creation with intention to improve our lives and the world around us, the more our shared reality will become sacred.

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Who We Really Are

We are consciousness. Each of us is an individuated unit of source consciousness expressing itself through the energy body - which creates.

But what is consciousness?

Consciousness is an elusive and confusing subject. Or, at least, that's how it's played out to be. But if we simplify the word consciousness while not letting the scientific community intimidate us, we can define it in a way that uncovers who we really are and who we're meant to be.

Consciousness creates. Plain and simple. Because consciousness is energy and energy is conscious, both create our manifest world.

The quality of the manifest world largely depends on the quality of energetic frequency that is emitted by individuated units of consciousness - aka - you and me.

You and the quality of your consciousness are way more important than you probably ever believed them to be. But before we go on, it's important to address one big fallacy about who you are meant to be.

You are meant to be a co-creator in the vast realm of our shared reality. Which means you alone, do not create your reality.

Even though you've been told time and time again that you do, you don't. If you did, then why did you create a pandemic, or war? Both have been part of your reality but you didn't create them.

As we move into the secrets, it's important to understand that you do not create your reality. Rather, you create your experience inside a much larger co-created reality. Experience is the keyword.

Secrets of a sacred morning prime you for creating your experience. And when you create more magical experiences for yourself, you'll contribute to making more magic for us all.

Secret #1 Stillness

Keep in mind, these are Secrets of a Sacred MORNING. The reason they are specifically designed for the morning Is to help you get Into and stay aligned with what you want to experience throughout your day.

So, before you get out of bed, you should remain still and visualizing what you desire most. In particular, you should do this when you are still sleepy and in a theta brain wave state before you are wide awake in an alpha brain wave state.

When you use the power of your Imagination over the bridge from theta brainwaves to alpha brainwaves, you gain access to the subconscious mind. And when you access the subconscious mind enough, you can successfully reprogram it to follow what you desire to experience.

One way to get good at visualization is to write down the story you want to experience In great detail - as If you were a screenwriter. Once It’s written to your liking, memorize it and play it out like a movie in your mind’s eye.

Then, play the movie each morning before you reach an alpha brain wave state. The more frequently you play out your desires In your mind's eye, the faster the subconscious redirects toward the experience you want to have.

Secret #2 "Spell" it out

Now, It’s time to make magic and affirm your truth. But before you roll your eyes and think this Is just more toxic positivity. Let me tell you a story.

After my husband died I spent years crying myself to sleep and awake. Then, along my healing path, I started to discover these secrets.

The first visualization I used during step one was that of a man who deeply loved me and my boys. I saw him coming into our lives as a protective and healing force, and I dreamed of being a family again.

But when It was time to get out of bed, I hit a wall. It was like the dream was over, and it would never come true. Until one day, I sat up and said aloud: I LOVE YOU.

Really. I told the guy in my visualization I loved him even though I’d never met him, and he didn’t really exist.

Week after week, I did the same thing, over and over again. I visualized me and this guy happy in love and then I’d tell him I loved him out loud. And, yes, I felt ridiculous doing It! But then one day, about two months later, I met the man who is now my husband.

So don’t chalk positive affirmations up to be a bunch of bullshit. Words are spells. Use them wisely.

Secret #3 Don’t Complicate It, CONTEMPLATE It

If you're like I was, you probably do a lot more complicating then you do contemplating. Examples of complications include:

  • Overthinking
  • Non-forgiveness
  • Staying attached to the past
  • Holding grudges
  • A desperate attempt to define EVERYTHING, and so on.

When I started to become aware of how disempowering complication was, I learned how to simply contemplate things instead.

We use contemplation to expand our awareness of what is and what we desire. It is the art of thinking deeply about your affirmation and visualization without a doubt.

"Your contemplation has to be a naked contemplation that does not rely on any luggage from the past, a contemplation that does not rely on learned beliefs and past feelings."

Magdi Em Be

When you think without judgement (contemplation) you earn a greater capacity to align with what you desire instead of aligning with what is.

Another way to see it is through 17th Century Rene Descartes's famous words: "I think, therefore I am."

Think: I am the experience of what I desire, therefore It Is.

The more you fill your awareness with what you wish to experience, the more you expand toward It. So, keep your visualization and affirmation alive as you start your morning routine through contemplation.

If you have time to make your contemplation go viral on Instagram because you're doing it in the perfect space, fine 🙂 But truth be told, I often contemplate while brushing my teeth and washing my face. As the secret says: Don't complicate, contemplate.

Secret #4: Reading

Before my first husband passed away, I was like a bat out of hell In the morning. I’d bolt out of bed, work out, slam some coffee, change diapers, make lunches, and go off to work. The thought of reading never crossed my mind, but when I discovered it as one of the Secrets Of A Sacred Morning, man, did my life change.

I don’t read a book or even a chapter of a book. And I don’t read fiction.

Each morning, I read something that will help me maintain confidence that I can create any experience I desire. Sometimes, It’s only a page or a passage, but It’s always aligned with what I’ve visualized, affirmed, and contemplated - so It does take some planning.

For example, this morning, I read about revenue vs. profit. It’s not very exciting or romantic, but it helps me align with the business growth I’m intentionally working on.

In earlier days, I’d read about healing grief, combining families, and, If I’m sincere, some “adult publications” since I was a little rusty when the second man of my dreams walked through my door!

The more you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go

Dr. Seuss

If you read something supporting your desired experience every morning, you will move toward it.

Secret # 5 Embodiment

If you've ever watched an Abraham Hicks video, you know what embodiment is. She calls it vibrational alignment, but I believe the proper word Is embodiment.

When your visualize your desires, affirm them as truth, contemplate them to keep them running through your awareness and read something to support them, you start to conjure the frequencies you need to become a match for the experience you desire.

But you must feel this embodiment and work to sustain the vibrations that align you.

  • In the case of love, you have to feel, in your heart, that you are already In love.
  • In the case of success, you have to feel, in your heart, that you are already successful.
  • In the case of health or well-being, you have to feel, in your heart, that you are already In perfect condition.

And while I know you already know this - it's still difficult to achieve without practicing the other secrets. Your job Is to carry the aligned frequencies throughout your day to sustain them over time.

You can not plant an acorn in the morning,
and expect that afternoon to sit in the shade of an oak.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The longer you sustain aligned frequencies through full embodiment of the feelings you want to experience, the faster the experience manifests.

Secret #6 Genuine Intent

I used to think setting intentions was an affirmation, a written note burned and buried, or a bay leaf in a magical sea salt. And don't get me wrong, I honor intention-setting rituals. But genuine intent is not a ritual. It's a practice.

Genuine Intent is living out the guiding principles you need to stay embodied with the frequencies that match your vision, affirmation, and contemplation - and if I’m honest, it's hard. The reason It’s so hard Is because it’s a lifestyle, not a weekend vibe. And, typically it’s a lifestyle that most people who strive to be aligned have never lived before.

Deliberate intent takes practice, but when you master it, it works like magic.

The first step Is to write down the principles by which you live now and decide which ones keep you embodied and aligned. Then, write down the ones you think knock you out of alignment.

For example, if you’re trying to manifest love, the guiding principles that may keep you embodied and aligned could be:

  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Intimacy.

If you're trying to manifest success, the guiding principles that may keep you embodied could be:

  • Education
  • Investment
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Accountability

If you're trying to manifest health and well-being, the guiding principles that may keep you embodied could be:

  • Simplicity
  • Mindfulness
  • Cleanliness
  • Physical Fitness
  • Motivation.

The trick is to live the principles out through action, which can be challenging if you've never done this before. But trust me, you'll thank me later if you employ this secret.

Having a set of principles that keep you aligned and unwavering from what you desire to experience is critical to sustaining the frequencies you developed In the first five secrets. And while they may see Meh or boring to you - they work.


In this profound journey of self-discovery, these secrets of a sacred morning not only illuminate the transformative power within us but also affirm that every day is a sacred gift—an opportunity to craft our experiences, synchronize with our loftiest aspirations, and become one with magic.

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