Sales Strategy Made Easy – 3 Steps to Selling More In Your Spiritual Business

Sales strategy: Three steps to selling more in your spiritual business

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As a small business owner, one of your main goals is to increase your income so you can grow your impact. However, this can be a daunting task, especially when selling can feel really yucky. So, in this article, I'll share with you the five best sales strategies to so that you can start selling more in your spiritual business.

What You're About To Learn:

Master Your Value Prop

In a world where EVERYONE is selling something, you need to have a strong value proposition. A value proposition is developed by understanding everything you can about your dream clients wants, needs, and desires. Once you've researched your dream clients and know them better than they know themselves, you have to figure out how your offer satisfies them in a way no one else can.

Value propositions aren't easy to develop unless you've built massive value into your offer from the ground up. Which, if you've looked online lately - where literally everyone and their mother has an offer - isn't always the case. People throw together offers like they throw clothes into an overnight bag, and that's why the vast majority of offers never make it off the ground.

If You Have An Offer:

The best thing to do is to match all of the benefits of consuming your offer with your dream client's pain points to develop your value proposition. You need to be able to communicate value in nearly everything you do so that your dream clients feel safe buying from you.

If You Don't Have An Offer

Build value into it from the ground up by deeply understanding your dream client's pain points and genuinely crafting solutions for them. Hiring someone from Fiverr to throw together a book on shadow work or inner child healing does not present value. If you're going to do it, do it right and make the value authentically you.

Create The Right Content

A lot of people want to skip out on content creation, but truth be told, we live in a creator economy. If you're not creating content, your product or service will have a hard time being part of the economy.

When you show up on social media with the right content strategy aimed at dream clients you'll inevitably curate a community that converts. But showing up talking about random stuff, or inadvertently giving away what you're actually selling is a recipe for disaster. Careful content creation is key to selling more in your spiritual business.

Rough Story

When my client Mindy came to me she had over 1M followers. Yes, you read that correctly ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS. The problem was she wasn't selling much of her offer. Why? Because:

1) She didn't have an offer designed to sell.

2) She was giving away a good part of what she was selling anyway.

The biggest challenge for Melody was crafting an offer designed to sell to a community that was not curated to convert. Don't make this mistake. You'd rather have a small audience that you can consider a community and ensure that your content has the right value that will make your community naturally convert.

If you're in a similar boat or, you don't want to end up in that boat, book a strategy call and let's see if we can get you on the path to conversions.

Create A Suite of Offers

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to sell more is to confuse your community by having non-related offers in the links in your bio. It is IMPERATIVE that all of your offers relate and that your content is designed around those relatable offers.

For Example:

If you're selling an affiliate class that teaches psychic development but you're also selling coaching for the divorcee what do you think is going to happen when someone clicks on your links in bio? The answer is confusion.

When you confuse people, your value diminishes fast. Keep all of your offers related so that people perceive your value.

You are much better off keeping your offers related and ascending people through an offer suite that goes from the least expensive (and thus, the least transformational) to the most expensive (and thus the most transformational. The key is to have each product or service plotted along an ascension path with graduated outcomes.

Client Story:

My client Ashley has a school called The Pythian Mystery School where she teaches empaths how to become witches. When we designed her offer suite, we decided that her first offer should teach her dream client how to build intuition. Her second is how to develop their psychic abilities, and her third is how to become a full-blown witch. Because she is so clear about the value and her ascension path - through her product suite - she's able to close sales up to $4,500 with ease.

Be like Ashley - and make sure your offers relate to one transformational outcome.


It might seem like strategy is only suited for Fortune 500 companies, but it's not. Every successful business owner - spiritual or not- needs a strategy. And, the blessing is, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to implement what needs to happen to start selling more in your spiritual business. It's simple. Know your value, position your content to support your value, and don't confuse people.

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